Adventures of Zack The Great

Nathan Hopkins    


  The Aether was in great peril. Harassed and destroyed by the void that plagues its seams. In the struggle of dark vs light, chaos vs creation. Chaos was winning, and so the creator of creation knew that the Aether needed noble heroes to restore the balance, so they created a new universe with a council of other gods to help harbor and lead these heroes.   In this universe, the terra planet Vabu was born, the world of heroes. A world bound by natural laws and supernatural laws that govern all of creation. From this world, many stories would be told... but the story of one man, his simple quest into a crusade, would change everything and help this world realize its true destiny.   Centuries of wars pass, and the world is ravaged by another war from the Devilers, a legion born of the hatred in mankind. You play Zack, son to a grand knight, who is rebuilt as a cyborg after trying to save his father from his anti-self. With no other purpose he sets forth on a quest to defeat the Devilers. Initially self-righteous and ignorant, he learns he doesn't have to do this alone, and with the aids of others he marches on to save everyone. But not everything is as it seems, and secrets lie in wait on his path...  


Hello, my name is Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant, and I've been working towards making a dream game since I was a child with the help of a team friends with the goal to enshrine and capture the magic of our childhoods.   Please also note this body of knowledge contains MAJOR spoilers about the game to be released. Read at your own risk!