Pyromancy. The term most often used to describe the magicks woven by those of the Ruby Order, and for good reason. The manna of Doitean is indeed the purity of flame, fire, and heat in the most definitive sense. However to simply take that at face value is to undersell the complex nature of the arcane arts. Though this word, those terms are most often used to name these magisters, to believe their magicks are but simple bursts, blasts and gouts of flame is to deeply underestimate the sheer potential of power that being a magister can grant. Pyromancers though they may be, they are also so much more. Like all magisters, they can wield their power in generic and shared spell-forms given their own unique Doitean twist, and these are some of the options available to them. However like all eight orders of Magister, they have their own unique spell forms as well, unique to their order. These spell-forms embrace not just fire and flame, but all the associated by-products. They do not just embrace heat, they use it in unique and strange ways.

"Pyromancers, a name we wear willingly, even knowing that those whom speak it often do not realize how simple that view or ideal really is compared to the truth. Compared to our truth. We are pyromancers, yes, but so much more. We are one with flame, fire, and heat. We are power and passion of the arcane, of the elemental world. Our magicks offer so much more than mere fire and destructive power. But it is that part, the fire, the flashy and powerful, that sticks in the psyche of regular folks. So we wear that name, understanding they do not know any better. Pyromancers is what we are, but that is only the barest description of our capabilities, of your capabilities, a mere surface description. But our capabilities are so much more than mere flames, and that is what you shall eventually learn here. To be one with fire, heat, and passion. To wield the emotional energy of creation itself as a tool, a defense, and a weapon."

Magister Erich Von Coris speaking to the two newest apprentices in under his tutorship.

Within this chapter, one will find the spellforms of the Ruby Order, organized by spell level, along with a small primer on the Pyromantic Bond, and how it effects magisters.