"Be somethin' outta nightmares m'lord. Eight, nine, ten feet tall, walking wit' legs and stride o' men, armored in bone and hide, but wit' t'e torso twisted, legs like oak trees, torso and body thick, heavy, with white fur o' t'e white bear. Eyes gleamin' with human intelligence, but the facial structure and crushing forceful jaws o' a great white bear. They was horrible, they came from nowhere, snarling, roarin' out ta their dark gods. No one stood a chance. They killed and ate, aye some poor souls they did that too, but in reverse. They took prisoners for some sort of profane rituals, I imagine. I fled, for what choice else was before me?"

Account of a survivor from Lenske, a small village that was lost to a yeti raid in 1521.

Bestials come in many shapes and forms, the family of creatures wholly unnatural. When the world shattered and the holes in the world destabilized, sending waves of corrupting Void manna throughout the world, it is theorized this is when the first Bestials came into being, twisted mockeries of sapience and beast, melding the two in horrific and mind-breaking fashions. As if a cruel joke of the Ruined Gods, such disgusting and horrifying mutants they may be, but they are also quite.....healthy when it comes to the matter of reproduction, not sterile as one might expect such twisted and tainted beings to have become. Within the umbrella of that family come many types. The strongest, most savage and without a doubt most difficult to kill, are the yeti, twisted bear-humanoid hybrids.

Yeti are not nearly as social as other species of Bestials, thank the Ascended. They do not often group together in any numbers beyond a dozen or two. However on those rare occasions that they do, devastation will be visited upon any living things nearby.


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