World Ember Pledge 2022

1) I have only one world setting, Valerick. I won't be doing any new geography work yet. I have decided I need to hammer out the magick.

2) Everywhere, its not really....a place per say. The Magisterium, though their may be like Subcultures in different countries/parts of the world, the Magisterium, on its face, is a concept that is a unified one after a fashion across all of Valerick. The same can be said of the Ascended, the nine gods.

3) I really want to get this part done properly. I may not get it all done. Its a LOT, but I wish to strap down and actually commit to the idea that Valerick will have its own unique magicks.

Mini-meta, I choose to pass on this part, I don't think it will help me too much to do quite what it describes. As to setting a mood, that's the community. This is the other awesome community wide event. That discord keeps me going and keeps me motivated, cause its such a wonderful, full, and inspiring community.


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