Warding Tokens

There is a belief, somewhat universal no matter the nation, no matter the peoples, all across all three continents. The believe that if one wears a token of silver, one will be warded, protected from the dark things that lurk in forgotten places in the world. That they will be defended from ork raiders, or bestial's foul hunger, or the trickery and cruelty of the Fell Fey. Nonsense of course, but it does regular common folk good to believe in something, gives them hope.

This tradition and ritual, of having a token, generally a pendant of some kind, of silver made is as old as anyone can remember. It is believed to ward off evil, for silver is a pure metal, and therefore toxic to the tainted beasts and voidlings alike. It is custom to have such a token made once a child reaches their tenth year, and they are expected to wear it always. If you inquire, many common folk will tell you stories of 'folk they know whom it saved their life.' crediting survival to the idea that the token protected them.

However the truth of the matter is understood by most academics and those whom would be well versed in such things, like the Templar or Seeker Orders of the various faiths of the Ascended, or well trained military units. The reality is silver has no protective properties, that is a myth based on the fact that it does have offensive uses against many tainted beasts and even many voidlings, seeming to sear and burn and poison their corrupted forms whenever they are wounded by such a weapon. Even in this, however it is by no means a blanket solution, for it does not work universally.


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