Void-Walker's Ring

Such heinous objects are abject heresy, seen as a blight and scourge upon the world that should be destroyed, for representing the very essence of the Realm of Nightmares. They are thankfully rare things, things not meant to exist in the Materium, however occassionally, when some mighty and powerful entity from the Void manages to manifest here, when they eventually return to the Void, by violent means often enough, they leave behind strange and tainted objects. Such simple gold banded rings with strange crackling multi-colored mineral insets are one such object.

These rings are meant to allow a wearer to travel the Void at night when they sleep, while the body still rests. They allow these mighty beings to step between the realms, interact with their foul masters and beasts under their command, direct them, guide them, or garner orders from them. But furthermore, they insure the continued corrupt nature, and the strength of such a beast within the Materium, granting it a level of stability that it would not normally have, for the reality of the Materium pushes back heavily against such things, things that defy all natural laws and reason.

Occassionally, through massively bad luck, or the fickle will of the Ruined Gods, a mortal will come into possession of such a foul object. If they fall into the trap of wearing such a foul thing, no good can come of it, as once one begins to wear such a thing, one's body, mind and soul are inevitably going to be twisted and corrupted by the dark power of the foul thing. However such a fell thing is not without benefits, and they generally are imbued with mighty and powerful fell magicks, protecting those whom wear them from any variety of threats, or granting them unique powers or abilities to wield, boons of foul patrons and matrons from the realm of Nightmares. Though the risks are well known, there are always those precious few fools whom will believe they could take such a risk, control such a dark object, and perhaps use it for goodly deeds.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable


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