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"The powers of the Arcane, though highly dangerous, cannot merely be outlawed. Such powers are to important to combating the powers of the Void. However the risks of arcane magick are so great, with such potential for collateral damage, we must insure a system of control, a structure of great authority. To force the safest practices, focusing only on one aspect of the arcane, mastering controlling and drawing on but one flow of manna. This is the least dangerous path, and the most obviously enforceable. For part of the dangers in wielding magick, comes from mixing types of manna one is drawing in for energy to weave. For they interact in unexpected and highly volatile ways. However we eight, the eight great magisters, hunted, persecuted, yet filled with no hatred, and only understanding, propose this solution to you all, the governments in exile, as we move towards an age of reclaimation. Allow us to teach limited magick. To create eight orders, one for each fundamental element that the eight flows of manna represent. Let us create a system meant to instil loyalty, technique and the sheer will required. Let us wield these powers with the careful discipline and maximum legal oversight and train others to do so. Let us combat the darkness with everything we can offer. We submit ourselves willingly to the Question by those trusted enforcement groups of the Ascended, of each and everyone of the nine faiths. We submit ourselves to interrogation willingly with no resistance to each and every nation's government. Before the Ascended and their children, we submit ourselves with pure intentions and honesty. Let us build the Magisterium. Let us utilize every method to resist the darkness of the Void. We wish to represent the purity that was and hopefully one day should be again. The elements of reality itself rejects the Void's taint, and we will wield that energy against them. The Magisterium has always existed, forced into hiding, understandably so. But the time has come. The time has come to enter the fold of society. The time has come for us to be part of the greater whole and help our neighbors openly. We understand the common folk will never be comfortable with us. Many will always fear us, or hate us, or wish to shun us. That is our lot and we accept it, and hold no ill will or malice about it. Vigiliance is good. We encourage it, for the Void is dark and full of terrors. Enclosed is our full proposal, including the systems of licensing, the various layers of authority which we will be under, our own internal plans for enforcement, the entire explanation of how these things work, the powers we wield, the methods, techniques and training, what sort of specialization it allows us and far more. A full presentation package of hundreds of pages for you all to consider from each of us. It is past time that we come to grips with the realities of Arcane Magick. It is here and now, this time and this moment. Children will continue to be born capable of wielding such powers, this is not going anywhere. It is a fact of our lives, better to control it as best we can, and utilize that extra weapon. We eagerly await your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Grand Magister of the Diamond Order, Duncan Valardi"


The Magisterium is a very decentralized organization with how its divided up. Though it is a multi-continental organization and they all fall under one set of rules, one umbrella, every university in every major city has their own internal politics, their own Arch-Magisters, and their own variations on how they teach, as well as their own small core of Mage-Seekers, whom are the various orders of the Magisterium's own version of Witch-Hunters, though they focus less on hunting down and executing, and more on seeking those with talent young enough and not yet fallen into the traps and false promises of darker powers and lessons and bringing them into the fold to be apprenticed and trained properly. They also have their own enforcement orders, knightly orders if you will, whom act as quasi military and the force multiplier when any order feels it is necessary, whether to hunt down an apostate, or other matters of interest to any given order, such as hunting necromancer filth when it comes to the Amethyst Order.

But by and large, it is accepted there is some system of centralized authority. Each Order has accepted core leadership amongst its branches, regardless of borders. A Grand Magister, if you will. These eight form the Arcane Consortium, and act as the political voice for, and the authority over the Magisterium. From there every school will have an appointed Arch-Magister and administrative board whom will be selected by seniority and by which schools of magick have the most numerous presence amongst pupils in the facility. The Magisterium though a widespread organization, is only truly present in such notable force in one or two cities in each country, the biggest and most populated. Magickal talent is not common enough to justify the massive expense to have such facilities in every town and city, nor is the risk of that much spread desireable to most governments. Better to have them in one or two places in case something goes horribly wrong so containment is hopefully an easier proposition.


The Magisterium, in its over a thousand years of existence, has grown and become a massive organization that spans all three of the 'civilized' continents on Valerick. Durol, Gavis-Lune, and Wyriel. It is a formally recognized group that is semi-autonomous, yet subject to massive government and religious oversight.

The Magisterium as an organization, simply due to its sheer breadth and size now, is of course rather decentralized. Each facility acts as its own semi-independent organization, though in broad terms they are all connected and all one. But within that there are eight notable and important divisions. The eight orders that make up the Magisterium, the eight schools. Each tied to one type of manna, the natural energies that are the fundamental building blocks for....well reality. These eight subdivisions, schools if you will, are;

The Ruby Order

The magisters of the Ruby order are commonly, and quite rightfully, referred to as pyromancers. Wielders and students of the manna of Doitean, of Fire. They draw their title 'The Ruby Order' from the deep reds and oranges that become visible when they wield their magickal abilities, the colors of Doitean in the Aether. Magisters of the Ruby are trained in magicks of great destructive force and power, their magick burning brightly. Their traditions and techniques tie heavily to passion and emotions, embracing and wielding passion, fury, excitement, and joy, high energy emotions to feed their focus, to tighten their grip. Adrenaline, in simple layman's terms, is a big part of how they function. They need to be able to tap into those high energy levels on demand, but also be able to snuff them out just as swiftly, which is a tall order, and requires intensive training. The Ruby Order approaches their task with new acolytes with a military like zeal, drilling them and breaking them down to forge them back up into proper pyromancers, those whom walk that fine edge of the firestorm, the razor blade of emotional control.
"You will come to hate the training, and this is good. You should. It should anger you. It should tire you. It should make you feel the need to spit in our eyes and prove us wrong. But at the end of it all, you will also come to understand its necessity of it and will forgive us. It is always so. For dancing with the inferno requires one to be ever vigilant, swift and confident in their decision making, and committed to every choice they make with complete and whole passion and conviction. There can be no self doubt. No weakness, no moment of pity or lack of energy and passion. There is no other way, for any other approach and you will be consumed by the inferno, burned to ash. So embrace those feelings. Hate me, curse my name amongst yourselves for all I give a damn. I encourage it whole-heartedly. DISMISSED!."

The Amethyst Order

The magisters of the Amethyst Order are oft referred to as Entropomancers, a difficult and complex title, however if one is foolish enough to call them by another name used behind their backs, that of the necromancer, you will find they are not a forgiving bunch. They stand against necromancy as a concept and idea, for they are Magisters of Entropy, of the natural part of the cycle that is death and renewal, and they hold that to high importance. Wielders and students of Lobhadh, the manna of Entropy, drawing the name of their order from the deep violet hue the manna of Lobhadh, and any magister weaving spells with it, manifests from the Aether when made to be visible upon the Materium. Their magicks specialize in dealing with the occult, the undead and unnatural, things that would defy the natural cycle of life and death. Their training traditions and techniques focus on patience and an unwavering emotional calmness of temperment. Everything methodical, everything in natural steps, as it should be.
"All things ebb and flow, including life. Our magick dances right at that edge, we draw upon the flow of Entropy, of that moment of renewal, where the energies of dead and fallen things are broken back down to their core roots, their raw manna, cycled through the Aether and reborn anew. That moment is where we draw our power from, and that moment is patience. It is calmness of mind, a comfortable fearlessness of the soul, a deep understanding and acceptance of the univeral truth of the Aethyric Cycle."

The Opal Order

The magisters of the Opal Order, known as Aeromancers. They are the students and wielders of Aeir, the manna of Air. Much of the sorts of magick they weave tie to the heavens, the cosmos and the raw power of storms. Furthermore, much of their magick is about travelling the winds of the Aether, mentally, reading past or future, drawing what information can be gleaned from such mind-journeys and utilizing it swiftly. Adaptibility is the core focus of how their training is approached, for they must be flexible like manna that they wield, the power of the wind itself.
"Swift with mind and body, a simple concept to voice, yet one difficult to actually embody. However that is the demands of the manna of Aeir, it is how it will tax you. You need to be swift, flexible and adaptable, always. Anything less will not do."

Onyx Order

The Magisters of the Onyx Order are a secretive bunch. Known as Shadowmancers, their studies of the manna of Scath and its manipulations are rather clandestine in nature, and their training and technique model this. You need to be quick thinking, with a swift and sharp mind for rapid problem solving, and by their own description, of a shrewd and savvy wit, as handling Scath is oft described as 'a game of give and take between magister and manna', though such a description is very vague and not easily understood by outsiders or non-mages. Even magisters of other orders find this description confusing and rather frustratingly vague of an explanation.
"Handling this power, working with and dealing with Scath is an exercise in subtlety, intellect, and the 'give and take' that may be very familiar to spies and diplomats. Such is the nature of the manna of Shadow, and so in such a style shall you all be trained."

The Sapphire Order

The Magisters of the Sapphire Order, those students of Uisce, of Water, follow the flow. By tradition and technique, they learn to follow the flows of power, learning to ride those currents, minimizing the resistance by seeking to merely redirect manna to their will, not fully drawing from the flows and altering the state of the energy entirely, but seeking the path of least resistance and utilizing that to shape their spell weaves.
"All of Uisce is like a continual complex river system. Foolish is the effort other magisters of other orders need to put forth, to entirely draw manna out and shape it wholly. We have no need of that if we are attentive and aware enough of the Aether around us. For the tributaris and creeks that feed the streams and mighty rivers of Uisce are endless, and if one merely has the awareness and swiftness of mind to work through it all, one can find a creek or tributary already doing part of what you want, and have some of the work and weaving naturally done for you."

The Emerald Order

The Magisters of the Emerald Order, those whom study Dulra, the manna of Nature, are often referred to as Naturlists. They are rather different from the rest of their fellow orders, for their methods to educate are much more physical, much more hands on, a method adjusted and adapted to the flow of Dulra itself. Nature magick is by its, well nature, very physically involved, physically hands on. It is taxing and demanding on the physical form, stamina and endurance being two key things, centralized concepts involved in the techniques and teachings in regards to wielding Dulra's power. Their training focuses two on instinct, trusting your more animalistic instincts, letting them guide you, for the Emerald Manna is more primal in its nature than the others, and responds best to those whom trust themselves and interact with it as instinctually as breathing. This in many ways, makes Dulra, by most scholarly opinions, one of the most dangerous mannas to wield because of its very nature, that it is more instinctual and primal.
"You cannot have doubt in yourself, young Maxine. Trust your gut, trust your instinct. All your years of training were meant to lead you to this moment, but to overthink is dangerous. We are magisters of the most primal nature, closest to the razor edge of failure, yet more powerful for it. You have been trained to hone and guide your instincts. Trust them, and let them guide you."

The Topaz Order

The Magisters of the Topaz Order, those whom study Domhan, the manna of Earth. They are often referred to as geomancers. Those of this order exhibit patience, strong analytical minds, and a very methodical and 'tradesperson' like approach to their technique and training. Handling Domhan, weaving it, is oft described like building a structure. They are known as some of the most savvy and well educated of any of the orders, generally even learning a skilled trade or craft, as part and parcel of their magickal education. The idea is to help teach the mindset necessary, to teach appreciation for patience, study and planning.
"Consider for a moment, the simple idea, my pupil. A spell-weaving is no different than a brick wall. You are focused on the end result, is that not so. This is why you will fail. Domhan does not respond well to such rushed intentions or mindsets. Like a wall, every brick is important, and arguably the top course of bricks are the least important. They can be perfect but if the courses of bricks below are shoddy, out of line, not stable, the wall will fail at some point. This is most true of the first courses of bricks, the bottom, the foundation of that wall. Let that be where your focus starts. One level, one course of brick at a time."

The Diamond Order

The Magisters of the Diamond Order, those whom study Meanma, the manna of Spirit. They are often referred to as Vitaeomancers. They are trained and taught through techniques and traditions that seek to hone the attributes of compassion, calmness, and deeper willpower within oneself. They are the magisters whom's weavings can heal hurts, of all kinds, but also whom can banish beings not of this world, forcibly exorcise them from whence they came. They are perhaps the least common of the eight orders of magi, and are known to wield their power sparingly, as it has perhaps the highest risks of any of the eight currents of manna.
"We are magisters of Spirit, of the very essence of life itself. We must have the mental fortitude of the greatest fortress ever known, for when using our magick, we walk ever close to the Void's edge, walking along the currents of Spirit, of Souls. We can do things no other Magister could ever hope for, yet our risks are great. So our compassion must be deep, but our minds must always be calm, collected, and our willpower must be as the strongest armors in all the land."

We wield to serve and Serve so we may wield

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