The Faithful Gamblers {Varis Tomain}

All of life is a game of chance, all of life is a gamble. We live to play, we live to bet, we live to roll those dice. But we also accept the game for what it is. Those whom covet and seek to cheat and steal and hoard disgust. Life is a gamble and a game to be played, wealth and power and resources should be used to take part, to place bets in some safety, but not hoarded eternal. If you aren't going to play the game, you are already dead.

Those of the faith of Varis Tomain are a strange bunch. They are seen as a militant and battle-hardened lot, yet generally have a flair and persona about them, an almost swashbuckling lot. A friendly bunch, a lot of personality and charisma, but are also ferocious warriors as well, skilled fencers, with thrown weapons and crossbows. They are socialites, gentry, but fine fighters, and capable tricksters.


Divine Powers of the Faithful Gamblers

Domains: Every faith has its domains, and these manifest in many ways. A priest or other religious figure so inclined to have such ability will actually be wielding power based on these domains as well as the unique powers listed here. The domains of Varis Tomain, the Eternal Gambler, are; Light, Trickery, Twilight, City. The domains do not change from 5e.

Divine Powers: Those of strong enough faith and trusted by their dieties on Valerick can directly wield divine power, entrusted with it by their God/Goddess and heralds directly through prayer. Every diety offers these war hymns, prayers and litanies tucked away in the vast library of scriptures and hymns that come with religion as an institution. These should take form to fit the diety, especially limitations on summoning spells and their ilk, tied only to the realms, planes and domains that the diety controls or influences. But this is more a matter of roleplay than anything else.


Below is listed some information that anyone playing a character of faith whom worships Boran the Bloodhound would know. Note when it comes to the Religious Ordos, that the three listed are not the only ones for their respective class, nor are they class exclusive. It merely is to note which of the three classes of those whom are blessed with Divine power you will find most frequently. In fact you don't need to wield Divine Power directly to be a member of the Ordos in any religion. Though you do to become any sort of high ranking official or leader.

Most Popular Religious Symbols: Rapier and Pistol Crossbow Crossed, Desert Anguro Cactus Flower, Red-tailed Hawk

Most Notable Religous Orders: The Dicemen (Templars), The Dealers (Priests), Red-Tails (Rangers)

Most Notable Holy Texts: The Greatest Game, Gambler's Tunes, All In

Grand Temple/Seat of Power: House of Chances, in the city of Tiate, in the nation of Susma

These three names given below again would be names well known to anyone of Varis Tomain's faith, even if they've never met or seen any of these people, which is likely. They would know their names and positions.
Cult Leaders: Cardshark Angelo Vilehan: Halfling Priest, of about 60 years of age, Highest ranking official of the faith, in charge of the Priests. First Duelist Voltan Gregor III: Renarii Human Templar, 35 years of age, 3rd highest ranking official of the faith, in charge of the Dicemen. Bethany Isabella: Renarii Human Ranger, 33 years of age, 2nd highest ranking official of the faith, in charge of the Red-Tails.


Those whom worship Varis Tomain have the following tenets. Like all faiths on Valerick, one must consider their Ordos within that faith, their position as a Priest, Templar or Ranger, to understand how they might interpret these into a personal code of behavior and conduct that is the contract of faith between you and your god. However very broadly, here are the principles of the Eternal Gambler's Faithful;

1) All of life is a gamble, don't be afraid to take a risk
2) Wealth and Power is meant to be used to get take risks and play the game.
3) Fairness is a relative term. 4) There is a difference between a fight and a duel. A fight has no rules. A duel demands starting from an even stance.


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