They be the best kind of worker. Quiet, friendly, don't complain. Big, strong and capable hands. The best kind of workers to be sure!

Unknown Lead Hand at one of Valerick's many rail yards commenting on the Tantur people

Basic Information


The Tanturs are the large, very large indeed, peoples originally of Kang-Chorath. They tower some 8'6" on average, weighing easily some 550lbs on average. They are strong, heavy set folk, thick built, with a notably tough skin of a very mottled complexion, almost forest like. They are very strong, surprisingly friendly, though admittedly not very smart or exceedingly well read.

Size Large, Tantur characters are large sized

Common Hair Colors: Mossy Green, Leafy Green, Orange, Honey, Amber, White

Common Eye Colors: Leaf Green, Loam, Sand, Stone Grey, Black

Stat Adjustments: +2 Power, +2 Persona, -1 Intellect, -1 Sagacity. They are strong and friendly peoples, but not the most well read or wise.

Movement: Tanturs, due to their size and long legs, move at a speed of 40 feet

Training: Tanturs start play with any two melee weapon groups as Training, as well as Medium and Heavy Armor Training.

Languages: Tanturs start play with Valerian and Tantic, their own tongue.

Racial Traits:

Reach Tanturs have a 5 foot reach

Hardy: Tanturs start play with the Hardy Talent

Imposing:Though in truth the Tantur race are a race of friendly folk, their sheer size means they have an...intimidating presence. Intimidation is always a Profession skill for them.

Friendly Giants: It is a cultural truth that the Tantur people are very polite, well spoken, and friendly. Therefore Persuade is always a Profession skill for them.

Tough Hide: Tantur players have +1 to their Armor Score, as they have naturally tough skin.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Tantur peoples live on average to be about 300 years old. Their age table can be seen below;

Childhood Youth Middle Age Old Age Ancient
0-64 years old 65-145 years old 146-250 years old 251-299 years old 300+ years old

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The largest concentrations of Tanturs can be found in their home nation of Kang-Chorath, but in a newer, more modern and interconnected age, you will find them all across Valerick in some number, in the right places.

Cultural Perks (Optional)

Kang-Chorath City Born Born and raised in one of the great cities of your homeland, you grew up playing all manner of the various athletic and intense sports of your people. Athletics is always a Profession Skill for you even if not on your Profession list.

Kang-Chorath Rural Born You were raised admist the marshes and jungles of your nations warm and humid countryside, and learning the hard way often about needing to keep your wits about you and trusting your instincts. Intuition is always a Profession skill for you, even if not on your Profession list.

Kang-Chorath Beggar You grew up homeless, an orphan, or abandoned, but learned the ways of the street well, particularly con artistry. Subterfuge is always a Profession skill for you, even if not on your Profession list.

Foreign Raised You were born and raised in one of the other nations of Valerick, perhaps having never seen your peoples' ancestral homeland. Pick a perk from another race's options.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Tantur naming traditions are quite simple in their structure and form. Short names, easy to pronounce, very simple spellings.

Example Given Names: Tull, Venn, Grun, Bell, Holt, Karn

Example Family Names: Bark, Crow, Gull, Adis, Trent

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Tantur people are very friendly with everyone as a general principle, and don't seem to have any known racial based opinions beyond obvious observations like 'elves are tall' and 'gnomes are tiny'. Of if they do, they are to polite to vocalize them culturally for concern of coming off offensively.
Starting age randomizer=64+6d10 years
Average Height
Height randomizer=7'6"+3d6 inches, or 2.3 meters+4d10 centimeters if you prefer
Average Weight
Weight randomizer= 500lbs+10d10lbs or 230kgs+4d10kgs if you prefer


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