A glistening blade of dark black steel, fully eight feet of steel, with a handle nearly two feet in length. The blade seeming to seep crimson gore as the massive beast Kurzan the Butcher brought it to hand, blood flowing from the steel itself, but never touching the ground, seeming to flow unto the ogre warlord's massive hands and disappear, as if absorbed by his flesh. Spine-Seeker, the favored weapon of the Butcher, Champion of Iracundia, of Wrath. Double edged, razor sharp, yet with the sturdiness and flexibility in perfect balance, the blade capable of slicing through plate, mail, or bone with ease. A weapon of sheer terror, the sword itself seems to exert an aura and promise of violence, butchery and pain, its very presence seeming capable of causing fear and panic amongst those whom would try and stand against the wielder.

Spine-Seeker was the name of the blade wielded by Kurzan the Butcher, the ogre warboss and champion of Iracundia. It was gifted to him from the Void, forged of blood, death, and rage, the steel imbued with the essence of the braserk, of the sheer fury of wrath. It had many qualities, though none well understood. It seemed the blood the blade leaked while wielded would empower the wielder, healing their hurts over time, toughening them. When drawn it would imbue Kurzan with a terrifying furious rage, an anger that knew no limits in its capabilities. His muscles would ripple and bulge, his eyes would go bloodshot, and nothing would sate his fury but violence, death and rivers of blood.

However such a tainted object would be heresy to study in full, and those whom would dare do so would have their work cut out for them now. After his fall at the Siege of Geata-Iarainn some fifty years ago, Spine-Seeker, by most eyewitness reports, shattered, broke into three, or perhaps four pieces. However this has never been able to be confirmed, as once the conflict was over, like Kurzan's body, the blade was gone. Kurzan, 'gifted' as he was by the Void, it is generally agreed that the Void claimed him, and now the ogre has likely become a Nightmare in service of Iracundia. Those few versed in such matters (like the Magisterium) generally agree with this theory and assume the sword went with the beast. The explanation offered to the general populace, however, was that Kurzan's body was burned to ash, the sword destroyed utterly and thoroughly, a complete cleansing victory.

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Stats: 2d12 damage weapon, slashing, 5 feet reach. Sanguine Revitalization: The blade bleeds, feeding off the violence all around to empower the wielder, to keep the murder going, to keep them standing. Every turn the wielder heals for 1d8+4 hit points so long as they are taking part in a larger fight and others around them have committed acts of violence. Braserk Frenzy: Wielding this weapon grants you barbarian rage, and all the attached benefits, as if you were a barbarian of your own level. However this is NOT an optional rage, when you bring this weapon to hand, you are forced into it. You must make a Willpower Saving Throw (DC 14) to stop the killing, even if no percieved enemies remain around you. You will begin to attack allies. You can attempt this save at the beginning of every turn. Wrathful Presence: All within 60 feet of you while you wield this must make a DC (10+your Proficiency Bonus+Strength Modifier) Willpower Saving Throw. If they fail, they are Frightened and will remain so until they get 65 feet or more away from you. If they succeed they are immune for 24 hours. Blood-Letter: The sword does 1d10 bleed damage when it hits. Brutal Edge: On a critical hit, you double all damage, not just the dice. Artefact of Wrath: Every time you kill a sapient creature with this weapon, you must make a Willpower Saving Throw (starts at DC 11, increases for each kill, stacking permenantly.) If successful nothing happens.. If failed you gain 1 point of corrupting influence (Wrath). If your total of corrupting influence (Wrath) reaches 10, your soul is torn asunder, warped, altered, and utterly converted and you become a Voidling, a Nightmare of Iracundia. You no longer count as native to the Materium. Your creature type (So race) changes entirely, you lose any racial qualities you had and gain all new ones, but you keep all class and character advancement qualities and abilities. However you no longer are capable of gaining class levels, gaining instead, ranks down the table of Wrathful Nightmares. Each 'rank' is basically a level, this basically replaces class levels for you from now on. This will be accompanied by any number of physical changes as well, along with personality and mental changes. This cannot be reversed by any known means.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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