Seekers of Progress {Cormaq Thunderhand}

We are the divine engineers, those whom embrace technology, whom trust science and our understanding of the world, to arm and armor us. We are not afraid of progress, in fact we seek it. We seek the answers of study and science, we protect knowledge, and seek knowledge. We are the light of learning in the face of ignorance. For education is a weapon against the darkest things our reality has to offer. We are the crafters, those whom arm and armor the brave whom would stand against the Void, for we are the chosen and learned of the Divine Forge. We combat Darkness with Light, Ignorance with Knowledge, Stagnation with Invention, and the Void with War. We are the Seekers of Progress, the followers of Cormaq Thunderhand, the Divine Engineer.

Those whom are followers of Cormaq Thunderhand, the Divine Engineer, are the seekers of knowledge, enlightenment, invention, innovation and growth. They believe that the Light of learning, of education, of science can banish the darkness of the Void, even seal our world from it for eternity one day, ending the eternal threat forever. Knowledge is a valuable treasure but not one you guard with jealousy, or even trade like currency. It is one you share with all whom would wish it, for to be educated is to be well armed against the challenges of the world. They believe education, the sciences, and invention are the tools that can level the playing field for all people and share it willingly. They run schools, seek to educate children. Most if not all of the order are craftsfolk or tradesfolk of some kind, representing the Forge. They are well studied and excellent teachers, representing Knowledge and Light. They are also learned of tactics, battle and more than a little combat training, representing War.


Divine Powers of the Seekers of Progress

Domains: Every faith has domains, and these manifest in many ways. A priest or other religious figure so inclined to have such ability will actually be wielding power based on these domains as well as the unique powers listed here. The domains of Cormaq Thunderhand are; Forge, Knowledge, Light, War. The domains do not change from 5e.

Divine Power: Those of strong enough faith and trusted by their dieties on Valerick can directly wield divine power, entrusted with it by their God/Goddess and heralds directly through prayer. Every diety offers these war hymns, prayers and litanies tucked away in the vast library of scriptures and hymns that come with religion as an institution. Strong of mind, pure of soul, strong of memory, calm under stress, these are the marks of one whom likely can walk such a path.

Components and tools

Below is listed some information that anyone playing a character of faith whom worships Cormaq Thunderhand would know. Note when it comes to the Religious Ordos, that the three listed are not the only ones for their respective class, nor are they class exclusive. It merely is to note which of the three classes of those whom are blessed with Divine power you will find most frequently. In fact you don't need to wield Divine Power directly to be a member of the Ordos in any religion. Though you do to become any sort of high ranking official or leader.

Popular Religous Symbols: Smokepowder rifle on a work-bench, Bubbling vial of unknown chemical, The Eye of Curiosity

Most Notable Religious Ordos: The Devil Dogs (Templars), Order Constructos (Rangers), Order Librarium (Priests)

Most Notable Holy Texts: True Divinity; the Gift of Curiosity, The Divine Writ of Intellect, Hymns of Invention

Grand Temple/Seat of Power: Grand Librarium of Knowledge, Rydan, Waston


These three names given below again would be names well known to anyone of Cormaq Thunderhand's faith, even if they've never met or seen any of these people, which is likely. They would know their names and positions.
Heads of the Cult: Master Artificer Yennigan Volsia Gnome, Ranger, Head of the Order Constructos and head of the entire cult. Lord Lector Amilis Venitate Gnome, Priest, Head of the Order Librarium and 2nd only to the Master Artificer. First Rifle Gregory Bathos: Human Templar, leader of the Devil Dogs.


Those whom worship Cormaq Thunderhand have the following tenets. Like all faiths on Valerick, one must consider their Ordos within that faith, their position as a Priest, Templar or Ranger, to understand how they might interpret these into a personal code of behavior and conduct that is the contract of faith between you and your god. However very broadly, here are the principles of the Seekers of Progress;

1. Fear is the enemy. You control it. Do not let it control you
2. We are of a higher purpose. You seek Knowledge, advancement, progress for all, not riches
3. Death is an acceptable price for to protect and gain knowledge
4. Retreat is treason


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