Organic Alteration

[/quote]"And the first races, the first civilizations, their hubris and envy of the Primordials led them to great foolishness. Using dark powers, worshipping and treating with banished and fell gods, they began to manipulate the world around them, melding man and beast, transfering life force from one creature to another to extend life un-naturally, even summoning and imprisoning creatures from beyond, from the Void, breeding them with natural beasts to try and create hybrid monstrosities that would submit to their commands. Their hubris pushed the world around them to its limits, and the scars can still be seen to this day, the scars and wounds of their folly. These heinous and profound sciences died with them, forgotten and destroyed, as they should be and as they should stay. Such folly shall not be repeated, for to do so is an act of heresy of the highest order, worthy of immediate execution, and execution of one's entire family. We shall not allow such foul taint into society ever again.
Excerpt from the religious explanation of the Sundering, found in most of the Ascended Gods basic holy texts.[/quote]

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Organic Alteration was a machine based science, one of highly advanced biological studies. Long ago, many millenia ago, those sapients on Valerick were true masters of their world and direct descendents of the Primordials themselves. They had scientific mastery beyond imagining, weapons on a scale indescribable. However the Void taints all it touches, and these fools, in their hubris and lack of respect in regards to magick and sorcery, decided to use raw Void Stone as a fuel source and to build technology that used it. To create beasts of war, weapons of indescribable horror. This taint worked its way into everything about their society. Man consorted and mated with beast, producing tainted and twisted offspring. Fleshwarping and alterations, mutations, became a fashion statement, done via great machines, surgical methods and biological sciences of a forbidden nature, altering even genetic codes to allow crossbreeding that should not be possible. Eventually, their hubris and behavior, and utilizing Void Stone in so much of their tech as a fuel source broke the world. The Sundering saw this society wiped out, their sciences and technology lost, save for a few ruins perhaps, tucked away in remote and forgotten places. But culturally their is no memory, record, or understanding of this long lost technology left.


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