Human, Renarii

The Renarii peoples are a unique bunch, a mishmash down in the southern climes of the continent, excellent sailors, famous culturally for their naval aptitude and ability, but infamous for their cultural acceptance, even continued practice, of legalized piracy. The coastal wetland and tropics of Mora in the southeast of Valerick is known as a nation built on thievery, lies, and piracy. This stigma, whilst grounded in some fundamental truths, such as Mora being the only nation to engage in open funding of privateers, or pirates by any other name, the Renarii peoples are much more than that. They are skilled sailors, fishermen, boat and ship builders. Their biggest export is this last, as every navy in the southern countries of Valerick engage in trade with the Mora for her ships and river/lake vessels. Their skill is unequaled anywhere south of Nightvale, and depending on whom you ask, perhaps unequaled in all of Valerick. This is in large part due to the Renarii culture. Much like how their is the saying that Mogol children learn to ride before they can walk, so to is the joke of the Renarii peoples, they learn to sail and swim before they take their first steps.

Juli'vani Tolvon'isa, Skye elven scholar and historian

Basic Information


Note: All three human cultures and groups share much in common, as they are all human of course. They can and do mish mash and mix, and therefore, you will get a fairly large portion of the human population that perhaps mixes and matches traits from two or even all three cultures and groups. Unlike most of the other races, where a lot of it is a matter of genetics, and only some culture, in humans the split might be half and half, or even less about genetics. However, for the sake of things, each group is presented as their own playable species. If one were to wish to make a 'mix' or 'generic human' (so not identifable as of any one particular group), merely draft 1 racial trait from each of the three, and gain the Bonus talent. Then assign 2 stat points as you wish, along with applying a -1 to one of your Statistics (you can choose to use one of your two stat points to balance out the negative if you wish.) Of course involve your GM in this first, they may instead have a specific combination of racial traits they wish used for a 'generic' human.

The Renarii are the most slight of form of the human groups, averaging about 5'6" in height, and only about a 150 lbs in weight. They are oft of a darker, more sun tanned complexion, with a notably weathering and aging to their skin as they get older, the salt air of the sea and coast aging them. Like the Koltani, tattoos have a deep tie to their culture, marking crew loyalties, maps or even reputations. A swashbuckling sort of people, they dress brightly, garishly even, and love the finer things in life, especially fine drink.

Size As with all humans, the Renarii peoples count as Medium sized

Common Hair Colors Amongst the Renarii hair color is as much a decoration as anything else. Be it wigs, or more likely various dyes, you will find any color you can imagine amongst their culture when it comes to hair.

Common Eye Colors Green, Pale Blue, Pale Grey, Amber, Hazel

Stat Adjustments +1 Agility, +1 Persona, -1 Sagacity. The Renarii people are a nimble and savvy tongued bunch, the very definition of a roguish sort and culture. This does come with a bit of a lack of conventional wisdom.

Movement Score All humans have a movement score of 30 feet

Training Amongst the Renarii, culturally, they fight for keeps and fight to win. Nothing is really off the table. They start play with Firearm Proficiency, Explosives Proficiency, and Fencing Proficiency.

Languages Valerian and Rengab, their own native tongue.

Racial Traits

Natural Born Swimmers: The Renarii peoples truly seem one with the sea and rivers in many ways, and this is one of them. From a very young age, even if never formally taught, they seem to just know what to do in the water. They always have the Momentum on any Athletics test involving swimming.

Well Balanced: Years on the decks of many vessels, adapting to the pitch and roll of such things, mean a Renarii is a very well balanced individual. Anytime they are making a roll to resist being tripped or forcibly repositioned, they have the Momentum.

Silver or Lead: The Renarii peoples are culturally very savvy, masters of the 'game of tongues' as they like to call it. They treat diplomacy and intimidation as two sides of the same coin. A Renarii character need only be proficient with either Persuade or Indimidation, to be counted as training with both skills.

Skilled: The Renarii,like all humans, are a race that seems to pick up things quickly, but master them slowly. They get to select one extra skill training beyond the number their Profession would let them. (So for example a templar instead of three, would pick four).

Bonus Talent: Humans are a wide ranging and varied lot, with a grand, wide and staggeringly varied range of skill, ability, and passions. Renarii players can select one Talent they meet prerequisites for upon character creation.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Renarii, due to lifestyle, climate, and a cultural taste for heavy and strong booze, have the shortest average lifespan of any human group, making it on average to only about 60 years of age. There has never been a Renarii whom is known to have made it to 100 years old. Their age table is below;

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found mostly in the more southern climes of Valerick, and most densely so in Mora, their ancestral homeland. However like all the races now, as diversity is more common in this new age of connectivity and industrializtion and growth, those of Renarii heritage can be found in every nation in some measure or count.

Cultural Perks (Optional)

Mora City Born Born and raised in one of the busy port cities of your home nation of Mora, you learned the game of half truths and hiding information well from all manner of old salt and sailor amongst those docks. Subterfuge is always a profession skill for you, even if not on your profession list.

Mora Rural Born You were born and raised in the glades and wetlands and jungles, and at a young age began to learn to read the routes and terrain. Lore (Nature) is always a profession skill for you, regardless if on your profession list.

Mora Street Rat You were born and raised, or orphaned and forced, to live amongst the lower ends of Morain society, but in that you picked up a very useful skill set, learning to be hyper aware of your surroundings. This has seen you through many trials in life. Awareness is always a Profession skill for you, even if not on your profession list.

Foreign Raised You were born and raised abroad in one of the other nations, perhaps never having seen your ancestral homeland. You may pick a cultural perk from any other race's list.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Renarii peoples don't have traditions as one might recognize them, in that they hold names as merely what they are. Names, a title and descriptor given to you at birth to identify you. Most Renarii end up going by an alias or some nickname eventually anyway, but their cultural naming structure is quite freeform and widely varied.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Renarii are rather unique in their views on other species, mostly not seeing or caring about it in general. They see everyone of every walk of life as merely another person, regardless of race or cultural ethnicity. They have no real preconcieved notions about any race even though many do about the Renarii peoples themselves.
On average they live 55-60 years. Starting age randomizer=13+2d6 years
Average Height
The Renarii average 5'6" or 1.65 meters in height. Height randomizer=5'3"+1d6 inches, or 1.55 meters+3d6 centimeters if you prefer.
Average Weight
Average weight amongst the Renarii peoples is around 150 lbs or 68 kgs. Randomizer for weight=120+8d10 lbs or if you prefer, 56kgs+4d10kgs


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Childhood Youth Middle Age Old Age Ancient
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