Human, Mogol

The people of the grassland sea that dominate the Roharan plains are known similarly to the Koltani, though for a very different skill set. They are exceedingly competent horsemen, true naturals in the saddle, and culturally skilled and trained with bow, or carbine and pistol from the saddle. They are excellent skirmish cavalry, and make brilliant mercenaries. It is said that Mogol children learn to ride before they can run, and at one time this was likely very true. They are also highly skilled herders and farmers, agriculture being a societal norm in the lands of Rohara. They are smaller than their Koltani cousins, but not weak or frail by any means, toughened up by years in the saddle. An interesting culture they have too, worth exploring and partaking in.

Juli'vani Tolvon'isa, Skye elven scholar and historian

Basic Information


Note: All three human cultures and groups share much in common, as they are all human of course. They can and do mish mash and mix, and therefore, you will get a fairly large portion of the human population that perhaps mixes and matches traits from two or even all three cultures and groups. Unlike most of the other races, where a lot of it is a matter of genetics, and only some culture, in humans the split might be half and half, or even less about genetics. However, for the sake of things, each group is presented as their own playable species. If one were to wish to make a 'mix' or 'generic human' (so not identifable as of any one particular group), merely draft 1 racial trait from each of the three, and gain the Bonus talent. Then assign 2 stat points as you wish, along with applying a -1 to one of your Statistics (you can choose to use one of your two stat points to balance out the negative if you wish.) Of course involve your GM in this first, they may instead have a specific combination of racial traits they wish used for a 'generic' human.

The Koltani and Mogol people, in physique, oft look comparable, though their are some key differences. The peoples of the Mogol tribes are generally a touch shorter, averaging around 5'9" or so in height, and of a more lithe build, averaging around 170 lbs. Culturally, their appearances differ far more. The Mogol peoples are of a bit of a darker complexion, generally a more weathered in skin tone. They do not use tattoos, but in a similar nature amongst their warrior castes, their hair, kept well oiled and in a thick braid. The longer the braid, the longer one has gone unbested in battle or martial contest. The Mogol people are also known as some of the most skilled riders on Valerick, and like the Koltani, Mogol mercenaries are a favorite to hire for tasks where appropriate, as they are highly skilled and versatile folk in the saddle, able to take on any number of cavalry appropriate tasks to great effect. In the northern lands of Valerick they also stand alone as an agricultural power, with great swathes of farmland and grazing land for their herds of livestock dominanting the Roharan landscape.

Size All humans count as 'Average' or 'Medium' if you so prefer.

Common Hair Colors Black, Dark Brown, Ochre, Sandy Brown, Dark Grey, Light brown, Honey

Common Eye Colors Green, Pale Blue, Pale Grey, Amber, Hazel

Stat Adjustments +1 Agility, +1 Toughness, -1 Intellect. Like the Koltani, the Mogols are a tough and hardened people, but more athletic and nimble, and less strong and heavy set, as one needs to be to be a skilled rider. They are also not the most studious of a people, preferring hands on over books and tomes.

Movement Score Like all humans, on foot their movement is 30 feet.

Training The Mogol people are the folk of the grassland sea, masters of the plains, masters of the saddle. They start play with Training in Cavalry Weapons, Bows, and Firearms.

Languages: Valerian and Mogishu, their native tongue.

Racial Traits

Hardy: The Mogol people, like their Koltani cousins, were forged by the harsh northern plains, and so they share this trait with the Koltani. They start play with the Hardy Talent.

Saddle-born The Mogol peoples are masters of the saddle, with many stories of their culture claim they are taught to ride before they can walk. Ride is always a Profession skill for you, regardless if it is on your Profession list and you have the Momentum on all Ride Checks.

Warrior's Swiftness: The Mogol peoples philosphy is to be tough as stone, but swift as the wind. They have the Momentum on Inititave rolls.

Skilled: The Mogol peoples, like all humans, may take one additonal skill above their Profession limitlike all humans, are a race that seems to pick up things quickly, but master them slowly. They get to select one extra skill training beyond the number their Profession would let them. (So for example a templar instead of three, would pick four).

Bonus Talent: Humans are a wide ranging and varied lot, with a grand, wide and staggeringly varied range of skill, ability, and passions. Mogol players can select one Talent they meet prerequisites for upon character creation.

Growth Rate & Stages

Humans in general don't live past a century, and given the prevalence of hard labor in Roharan society, and in the Mogol cultural structure and traditions, combined with a distinct and keen cultural identity tied to taking care of their bodies, including careful diets, easy on salts and fats, with a strong mix of many proteins, fish, and fresh produce. Combine all this with a strong cultural respect for modern medical science, and a traditional understanding of herbal medicine to supplement it with, in balance of course, you get a people whom among humankind, have the longest average lifespan. Very roughly, the Mogol people live on average into their early eighties, though unlike the Koltani, Mogols reach the century old mark with some shocking regularity, by comparison to their fellow human cousins. The age table for the Mogol peoples therefore differs slightly in the older ages, as they seem to simply take better care of their bodies, and therefore slow and even slightly defy the aging process for a time;

Childhood Youth Middle Age Old Age Ancient
0-12 years 13-18 years 19-55 years 56-79 years 80+ years

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Mogol peoples are most heavily concentrated in their ancestral homelands of Rohara, but like all the races of Valerick in this more modern age, have spread out and some can be found all about the continent in some number.

Background Traits (Optional)

Rohara City-Born Born and raised in one of Rohara's busy and bustling cities, the sprawling layout meaning you learned at a young age how to handle a cart or wagon team, like most do at some point in their lives in any of the Grassland Sea's great cities. The Drive skill is always a Profession skill for you even if not on your Profession list.

Rohara Rural-Born Born and raised amongst the farmers and herders, you swiftly learned the value of a healthy steed, and by virtue beyond that, healthy livestock. Animal Caretaking is always a Profession skill for you even if not on your Profession list.

Roharan Criminal Upbringing Involved in all manner of smuggling rings and operations from a young age, you swiftly learned the value of knowing your way around, particularly without a map, as maps with marked routes are a great way to give the authorities evidence. Navigation is always a Profession skill option for you even if not on the Profession list.

Foreign upbringing You were born and raised abroad, perhaps never having seen your ancestral homeland. You may pick a trait from another race's list.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Human names are greatly varied, notably more so than any race. However amongst each of the three major human groups in Valerick, there are still one or two naming conventions and traditions that lean towards each group in particular. Amongst the Mogol peoples, their names tend to be given in a strange order. To most cultures of Valerick, if introducing yourself you give your personal 'given' name first, and your family name second. Not so in Mogol naming conventions. This is done in the opposite order. Besides this, it is common in Mogol naming convention for family name to tie to a family trade or business. Given names are, as they are in any culture to any race, generally more personalized. Mogol culture does have some split in names between male and female names, though this is not a hard and fast rule, more of a cultural norm.

Example Family Names: Szabo, Kovacs, Halasz, Naimeth, Toth

Female Given Names: Csilla, Katalin, Margit, Reka, Zsofia

Male Given Names: Andras, Bela, Janos, Sandor, Zoltan

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Opinion on Woad Elves The elves of the leaves and trees are a goodly folk, if private and protective of their homes, something any Mogol can understand. They are wise in the ways of the natural world, and excellent advisors in the care of near any beast. Good friends to have, if you have the opportunity.

Opinion on Skye Elves They ride the sky as we ride the plains, and do so with a boldness and fearlessness of an eagle on wing. Though they may be of a rival alliance, they are respectable sort and fearless. I also would never wish to get into a shooting competition with one, even in the saddle. A too proud fool is the Mogol whom believes he can outshoot a hawk eyed Skye Elf.

Opinion on Dwarves A most favored trade partner, excellent craftsmen, and stalwart allies, friends and if one is lucky enough, traveling companions. They may not be the biggest fan of horses, but given their stature, that is understandable.

Opinion on Halfmen Silver tongued, nimble fingers, they would do well in Adra's back alleys, and for that one would do well to respect their talents, even if not approving of them. They make the most for themselves the best way they know how, and are a happy and well spoken folk besides.

Opinion on Gnomes Bold inventors, it is thanks to them that all can ride the skies. It is also thanks to them we have the weapons that strike much fear into the damned gnolls and greenskins hearts. Though in my limited experience they can be a bit....touched in the head with fanciful madness.

Opinion on Tanturs They are a large and quiet bunch, strong and willing workers, they are worth the coin and time to hire around the farms when opportunity presents.

Opinion on Koltani Humans Strong and bonny fighters, though they ride like shite, one can rely on them to draw plenty of greenskins to them in a fight, which is always nice to keep them off our steeds. They make grand friends and neighbors, and excellent drinking companions if one desires such a thing. They are damn good at cooking over an open fire as well, a worthwhile road companion if one would rather avoid trail rations as often as possible.

Opinion on Renarii Humans They are pirates, theives, murderers and rogues as oft as not. One should give the benefit of the doubt to all, of course, but keep weapons close to hand and sleep lightly around them if you find yourself traveling with one.
80 years or so is pretty average, Randomizer for starting age=13+2d6 years
Average Height
Mogols, on average are about 5'9" or 1.75 meters if you prefer. So randomizer for character height=5'6"+1d6 inches, or 1.65m+3d6 centimers.
Average Weight
Mogols, on average are about 170 lbs or 77 kgs. Character weight randomizer if you so desire= 140+8d10lbs, or 63kgs+4d10 kgs


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