Forge of Wrath

Long ago, millenia ago, when the societies of the Fallen Kin were at their height, those whom lost their way to the path of war and rage, they built a proving ground for their monsters of war. A massive battleground, an arena to entertain the crowds and the beings of the Void, and Iracundia itself, with rivers and rivers of blood. An arena called the Forge of Wrath, a place forgotten and lost to history, except for the stories of the Nightmares that were forged there across the ages.

Most believe like many of the most unholy places, that the Forge of Wrath might actually refer to a 'location' such as their can be in a geographical sense, in the ever changing madness that is the Void. Or more likely, it once was a place in the Materium, but like so many of the most heinously tainted area, it sank deep below the sea, or was utterly destroyed, its essence then dragged into the Void to be formed there in the cruel ever bending and twisting mirror version of the Materium within the Void.

The stories surrounding the Forge of Wrath are many and varied, and many of the tales also include legends of facilities where weapons and armor of unspeakable power and fury were forged, craftsmen of metal and and hide without peer were to be found there and in the surrounding city, whatever that city was, its name lost to history. There are a few whom believe that such a place may still exist and the promise of treasures, weapons and armor of unspeakable power, have tempted their fair share into exploring, seeking such a place. Those whom make such wild pilgrimages, usually settle on the idea of a volcanic region as having to be the place where you could rediscover such a place, but thankfully by the Ascended, no such heretical place has ever been found, yet.


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