Pyromancers are oft misrepresented, but they choose to be that way. The regular public, and even those templar orders which hunt apostates, often focus on fire and flame, smoke and ash, destruction and explosive power. Yes, of course they are capable of all that and more with both their own secrets within their spell-forms, and in their twists of the ones that all mages of all disciplines can wield. However Pyromancy, the control of fire and heat, can allow so much more than that. And no better spell-form exists to represent this truth than the triage spell of warmages of the Ruby Order across Valerick. Fireheart.


Focusing on the effects of Doitean, the Ruby Flows within the body of a living organism, you weave your magick, filtering more heat into their body, or drawing it out, whichever instinctually will help, delivering it to where it is needed. The spell will remove one instance of any of the following conditions;

  • Diseased

  • Poisoned

  • Slowed

  • Bleeding

Furthermore, the target will heal for 1d10+1 hit points. However the target must roll a Constitution Saving Throw, which if failed, means they gain a level of Exhaustion.

Side/Secondary Effects

At Higher Levels: For every level beyond first you choose to cast this spell, you increase the healing by +2, and you may remove another instance of one of the four conditions listed from the target.


Maximus pitched his pistol, having discharged it into the red robed man's shoulder, his left arm hanging uselessly. He'd beaten the pyromancer to a pulp, and moved forth to manacle the magister. "Your kind deserve to burn, but for you I think drowning is the way we will go for you, dog"

Ambrose chuckled through the blood in his mouth, feeling his temperature rising, as he laid his right hand, searing white hot, onto his left shoulder blade. He felt the burning sensation as both bullet wound, and the poison from one of the knife wounds in his back, were purged and healed from his body. His left hand came up to meet the templar and through his bloody lips, he grinned and snarled, his eyes flickering a dangerous red. "I had papers. I showed them to you. I am licensed. You choose to abuse your power anyway. Well you made a mistake." The hand came up, and even Maximus could feel the tug of the magick from the Aether, and knew that Ambrose was far from cowed and far from beaten. "A bit of cauterization, a bit of purging of the blood. Now, sir Maximus, it is my turn to show you what abuse of power looks like."
Related Discipline
Ruby Order
Related School
Related Element
Doitean (Fire)
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
1 Action
Applied Restriction
Single target, but you can target yourself.


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