Consequences of Faith

Consequences of Faith

GM NOTE: This is an OPTIONAL SYSTEM! Talk to players before using this consequence system. Things can be kept more loose, or perhaps you wish to avoid this at all, which is also acceptable, and leave it more to narrative and roleplaying and less to rules. That's fine. This is merely meant to offer those who like having some framework in writing to understand it. Because on Valerick, no power is free, and the gods and their underlings in the heavens are more involved in actually insuring their faithful follow the creeds laid upon them if they wish to be a conduit for divine power.

Like anyone wielding power beyond their own muscles on Valerick, there is risk for divine casters as well. The risk of upsetting their dieties and falling out of favor. A good base to assume is that any player of faith starts with no accumulated Sin and is in Favor of their deity, though not in Full Favor. This system is a simple system of scores ranging from -10 to 10. A good starting point is +2. At this point, a player character is safe if they do not succeed in rolling their prayers, so long as they live to their tenets of their faith, and do not breach any of the etiquette in their powers. Certain powers for every deity, mostly higher level ones, will have a condition or two attached to their gifts that should the faithful breach those conditions, that is seen as some level of slight against their deity.

Slights and Favors: These sorts of things should not occur exceedingly often, but should be present enough in understanding and potentially happening for players of faith to be aware of them. These are meant to be actions of great faith (favors) where one embodies all that the faith stands for. A minor favor may be for example, acting in the manner of the Packmaster, the Alpha, as one who worships Boran the Bloodhound, and insuring those of your 'pack' less capable have plentiful food by taking a bit less for yourself if times are scarce. The strong can always go with a little less for a time for the good of the pack, after all. A Favor could be turning the tide at a battle against hated Greenskins by leading a valiant, brave, and maybe foolhardy charge as a faithful of Sir Kartheart, to save civilians or to save a unit who would have otherwise been lost. It is an action that is in line with his principles, whether or not it works, it is the attempt that matters. Valor, honor, bravery, these are traits of his and he will smile upon them with favor. A Major Favor, is an action of true embodiment. Reclaiming a long lost holy site from the grips of darkness, slaying a Void Champion, are rather generic examples of this. Wiping out a coven that is actively starving a village via drought, and restoring natural balance to that region, as a follower of Talia, would be such an act as well. Favors grant you Faith points, as seen below;
Level of Favor/Slight Faith/Sin Points Gained
Minor 1
Normal 1d4+1
Major 1d6+3

So Favor being at 0 puts you at risk of any time you try and use Divine Powers and fail your prayer roll as a Minor Slight. A natural 1 will immediately be treated as a Moderate Slight. +2 is neutral, it is when missing a prayer roll, unless you roll a natural 1, has no effect on your Faith/Sin score. When you roll a natural 1, it is now treated as a Minor Slight. At +5 Faith, you are at advantage on all Prayer rolls, and if you reach +8 Faith or higher, you are incapable of rolling natural 1 on a Prayer roll, it will be treated as if you rolled a 2. If your Faith reaches 10, you may expend 1 Faith to call upon any miracle of your diety, regardless of power level and if you could normally, without needing to make a Prayer roll.

Slights are the dark side of this coin. They feed the negative score of the Faith slider, the side marked 'Sin'. Those whom go against the tenets of their faith to often risk gathering their diety's disfavor, a dangerous thing indeed. At -2 even daring to call upon a Divine power can be risky. Unless you roll a Natural 20, you will be treated as if the action is a Minor Slight, though you will still be given the Divine Power if you make the roll. If you fail it is a Moderate Slight, if you roll a Natural 1, it is a Major Slight. At -5 You are at Disadvantage on all Prayer rolls. If you fall to -8, you cannot succeed a Prayer roll without a Natural 20, all other rolls fail. If you reach -10, you lose all access to your Divine Power, and are marked as a heretic of the faith by your diety in some way, though you can earn redemption even still, through actions of great and dangerous faith. But you will have to do so without the backing of your god/goddess, with only your ability, and perhaps the few friends you have in this world, to carry you through. Those whom hit -10 can request of the GM a vision quest. This will remove 1 Sin, and the character will be granted a strange almost fever dream, a vision that sets them some great task. This should not be too vague, they should have some idea of the task, and some hints where to go, what threats might await them. The task should be a long and mighty one, and likely will make up an entire adventure within the campaign. Rescuing a long lost divine relic, destroying or banishing a named Abomination, tracking down and putting to the torch a heretical cult to a Ruined God within a large city, one that likely includes many affluent members of society, these sorts of things.


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