Conclave of the Crowns

With the death of High King Cormac Ironcliffe, the call went forth to the six high clans of the Suranthi. The Conclave of the Crowns was called forth.

This ceremony and process is one established, one of the few ancient rites remembered, though altered slightly, to elect a new High King or Queen of Suranth. This is the second time since before the Sundering such a thing has been called, the first officially held in Geata-Iarainn since the city was reclaimed and rebuilt over two centuries ago. It is a complex electoral process held within the Valorous Armory, the grand cathedral of Sir Kartheart himself. Each of the six leaders of the six High Clans, four dwarven and two human, recognized by ancient rites of friendship and loyalty as 'honorary dwarves' make up these six. Each leader makes the pilgrimage to Geata-Iarainn, and they along with the current Storm-Father of the Kartheartian Faith, the current Knight-Commander of the Suranthi Armed Forces, the current Arch-Magister of the Geata Collegiate, and the Spymaster of Suranth will enter into a process of discussion, presented debate by each of the five eligible to be voted in, and vote. Whichever clan the last High King or Queen came from, though their leader gets a vote, their leader cannot be elected. Again this is to stop any one clan from ever becoming supreme rulers. The debates and discussion can last hours or even days, as they discuss all manner of things, kept secretive, locked in the Valorous Armory. The first vote normally is not conclusive enough, as to win, someone needs no less than six of the votes. Instead the first vote sees the leader or leaders with the least votes eliminated. After this, they may still vote, but must now vote for one of those two or three remaining, after another round of talks, debates and discussions. This second vote, depending if two, three or four potential leaders remain in contention, can be conclusive. However, in theory, three such rounds of voting is expected to be the norm for this process, in theory. With the recent death of High King Cormac, such a theory will be tested this spring.


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