Castle Valor

The massive red and grey block stone structure, with bronze statues and figures lining the walls, is built in a castle like style. Castle Valor, a fitting name, the seat of power in Suranth. The seat of the High King, and where the nation's governmental council meets. It is in the great meeting halls and many offices within, a strange clashing layout with the exterior look of an ancient castle, that the governing of Suranth, the Tundra Realms, is handled. Its many towers, though still housing defensive positions, armories, and the like you might expect from a castle itself, many more of the rooms and spaces in the lower levels have been converted.

Within the structure, one would be more reminded of a law office or some other government building. Many offices and records halls dominate the lower levels of the structure, with what would, in more....feudal times, have been a feasting hall having been properly converted into a large meeting area to host government, the elected council, whom represent the peoples of Suranth. It is in this marvelous hall, with its high ceilings, with swooping arches and beautiful frescos depicting scenes of great heroism from many in Suranth's recent past, this hall is where most of the offical decisions on policy and law are made in regards to the entire country.

This structure also includes the manor home of the High King (or Queen) and their direct blood family. This practice dates back to even before the Sundering, although at that point it would be expected that the High King or Queen was the full on ruler of the Tundra Realms. Nowadays, whilst their vote counts as two for the purpose of the governmental council, they do not rule with absolute power. This is a decision made and passed into law by High King Cormac himself, for he did not see value in that old way of doing things, thinking forward and realizing though the Sundering had passed, so too had the era of 'divine right to rule' and the acceptance of the idea that one person should be making all the decisions for an entire nation.


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