"The title of Arch-Magister is not bestowed like titles of political office and favor, like baron, duke, count or even lord. Arch-Magister is a title solely to ability and skill. One cannot be named an Arch-Magister without passing extensive tests showing one's skill and knowledge within their own magickal field, but also a deeper understanding of the Aethyric Flows, the theories and general knowledge that makes up the base, the foundation of education or acolytes. One must undertand those principles, concepts, and well studied facts as well as one knows their own manna, for Arch-Magisters are trusted to be in charge of entire collegiates. So it is indeed a title, fine sir, but it is not in the way which you are referring to. The Magisterium does not, nor will it ever, hand out titles to curry favor and pander. That sort of trust and authority must be trained for extensively, and proven to be earned. Now begone from my sight."

Arch-Magister Owen Cullens, of the Ruby Order, to Count Erik Tullamore, in regards to his son, a pupil of the Ruby Order.


-Mastery over your art (ability to weave at least 5th level spells for DnD understanding)
-Well learned and studied in their understanding of Aether and the basic behaviors and traits of each Manna Flow
-Being a fully fledged and licensed Magister in good standing; so paid up on guild dues and no investigations or violations of any of the laws governing magick use on your record.
-Pass an extensive and intense set of examinations


You must be a fully licensed magister, and exhibit a certain mastery of your own particular order's magickal methods and techniques.


A person is raised to this rank whenever such a position becomes vacant, be it with the death of an Arch-Magister of an existing collegiate, or when a new collegiate opens. A person is raised to this rank after vigorous interviews and examinations to insure they are licensed, in good standing, and have the demanded level of knowledge and skill.


An Arch-Magister acts as the Magisterium's voice upon the city council in any given city they are in running their collegiate. They are entrusted to insure the Magisterium's interests are safe-guarded and protected within that city. They are also responsible for insuring the facility runs smoothly, insuring the apprentices and acolytes receive the education and training up to par and in a proper fashion as the rules and regulations of the Magisterium's rules and the laws governing arcane magick would dictate


They are basically the middle management of the Magisterium. They are entirely responsible for running their collegiate, handling matters such as supplies, materials, maintenance of the facility itself, guild dues collection, and guiding day to day operations of the collegiate in question. They appoint their own advisors, likely the other higher ranking Magisters whom are instructors and teachers of the facility.


A much higher wage, obviously, along with the political swing and respect.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Equates to
An Arch-Magister oft holds the same weight as a middle ranking noble or someone like a city counciller. Indeed in most city's that have a Magisterium, they hold a seat on the city council. There is only one Arch-Magister per collegiate campus, appointed by the Magisterium from amongst the highest ranking and most experienced and well studied magisters in the city in question.
Source of Authority
Authorized by the Magisterium
Length of Term
It is an appointment of studied skill and ability, so no real term length
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