'Gift' of Mutation

Due to the presence of the Void, ever leaking into reality, its foul taint and energies infecting and corrupting everything, it is inevitable some folk suffer the unfortunate consequences upon their body and mind. Corruption is everywhere, though it can be managed. However those born with such afflictions or those whom eventually succumb to them, are seen as hideous monsters, foul creatures of the Void whom have lost their sapience and are no longer seen as deserving of life. They are seen as abominations unto reality and existence to be purged.

Mutation can come in many forms. A few that can occur at birth can and will be treated, though that child shall be watched and scrutinized for the rest of their natural (and likely shortened) lives. If they are percieved to show any signs of having been corrupted or mentally twisted as well, and if that is percieved to be the case, they will be purged or otherwise disposed of. Thankfully such mutation at birth is relatively rare. The truth of the matter, however is that the sort of mutation most common at birth is one where a child is born showing animal like traits, such as the beginnings of ram horns, or cloven feet, or other beast like features. Such is the religious doctorine and beliefs preached by the Ascended, rightfully so, that these babes should be dashed and destroyed. However in more rural areas, where such religious authorities are less intrusive and less common, such things are left up to the parents. Parents oft struggle with the idea of killing their own offspring, and in such scenarios, often times the babe will be taken out into the wilderness and abandoned, the belief being that the wilderness will take care of the problem.

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This method, though it will work sometimes, just as often and just as likely, is that the child will be found by foul things that haunt such wild places, like Fell Fae, or Bestials, and taken and raised amongst them, embracing and becoming the beast and monster envisioned by those whom first saw its twisted and foul appearance.


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