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Those of the Diamond Order, besides rescuing or guiding souls, have one other sacred duty and trust. They can directly seal World Wounds. However this is a delicate and complex task, and a highly dangerous one, both whilst weaving the spell, and whilst seeing it through.


Basic Effects: World-Wounds do not just form from nothing. They are keyed to something, there is some central object containing that energy, that chaotic mess of power that sunders reality itself. It can be big, like a ruined building, or small, like a skull, but it is always something old, strange and immoveable. The object simply cannot be moved no matter what anyone or anything tries to do.

Laying your hand on this object, if you weave this spell successfully, you enter into a battle of wills of a sort. You cannot choose to leave before the duration ends. You need to win three battles of will against the object and the chaotic energy. An Intellect Defensive Test, a Sagacity Defensive Test, and a Persona Defensive Test, rolled against the object's own corruption value. Every time you fail, you take 5d8+corruption value untyped magickal damage, and this can kill you. Once you succeed an Intellect test, you move on to Sagacity and so on. If you succeed all three, you manage to seal and cleanse the World-Wound, cleansing the corruption from the object. Should you fail to cleanse it by the end of the duration, you have two options. You can break the connection, which will mean you take double the object's corruption value in untyped magick damage, or attempt to weave the spell again and continue the battle of wills, keeping the score from the previous attempt.

Side/Secondary Effects

Tier II Effects: You are hardened now, and reduce the damage taken to 3d8. As well you only need to succeed two of those three tests, you choose which ones to try.

Tier III Effects: You have survived doing this more than once, and have come to master this art of fighting back the darkness of the Void directly. You reduce the damage taken to 1d8. As well you only need to succeed one of those three tests, you choose which ones to try.


Hana screamed, as she felt the dark energies coursing through her now, rending at her body and soul, even as she mentally fought back with all she had, her defiance loud and vicious as her companions protected her from the horrors and terrors all around. Her nose started bleeding, but with a further yell, she felt the polished skull buckle, its will stumbling, and she pushed her advantage, feeling it again. Suddenly a vicious push of power, she felt her ribs crunch, felt her nose shatter, her body scream in agony, nerves on fire, yet she pushed on, even as she felt years of her life slowly being ripped from her. Again, this time gritting her teeth and shrieking, she pushed her will again. " the Diamond Order, and you...will release your grip from this world!!!! By my will damn you!" she snarled, feeling one of her eyes building pressure as if it would pop. But then suddenly, the will fighting her buckled again, the skull shattered into naught but shards, a feral otherworldly screeching tore from all the Voidlings all around, as they were dragged back to their reality. Hana fell forward hard, feeling the world go black as her head hit the stiff stone of the strange altar and pedestal.
Material Components
Casting TN: 33, Tier II: 38, Tier III: 43
Related Discipline
Diamond Order
Related School
Related Element
Meanma (Spirit)
Effect Duration
1 minute
Effect Casting Time
3 actions
Applied Restriction
Target: the Source of the World-Wound, the keying object


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