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Dryaed Reference Sheet

Basic Information (Section 1)

Creature Name Dryaed__ Type: Faellen Kindred__ EL: 4__
Movement Speed: 40__Size: Medium__

A strange woman like humanoid figure stands before you, with skin like the bark of a pine tree, hair like leaves and thorns of roses. Her eyes are empty, black, yet hold a hunger and depravity you can barely fathom, as her sharpened teeth grin. Where she walks, vines and brush writhe and rattle. She is featureless yet for for her shape, those eyes and that mouth, and she seems almost as if emaciated, as if malnourished.

Recall Knowledge Lore (Occult) Basic: 16

Recall Knowledge Lore (Occult) Specific: 20

Attributes and Vitals (Section 2)

& Vitals
Attribute Score Boost Defense Test Modifier
Power 10 0 0 Action Bonus +2
Agility 17 +3 +3 Initiative +3
Toughness+ 17 +3 +5 Wounds 41 (3d8+2d12+18)
Intellect 14 +2 +2 Armor Score 19
Sagacity+ 21 +5 +7 Gluttony 7
Persona 15 +2 +2 Caster TN 19

Base Species Traits, Talents, Attacks, and Abilities

  • Tough Skin (6): As if blessed by the soil, stone and tree of the forest, dryad's skin is tough as they come. They have a +6 Natural Armor Boost to their Armor Score.

  • Faei Blood: Of the ancient fallen kindred, once known as the Courts of the Faei, Dryaeds are of a lesser sort amongst them, but this does not mean they are without understanding or reason. Despite their violent disposition and near unfathomable hunger, like any Faellen Kindred, they seek less to first slaughter any one individual they meet. Instead make deals towards such ends on a larger scale, making allies and spreading the corruption of the Void into those societies and races that attempt to be beyond the reach of such things. Like all Faellen Kindred, they count as Well-Trained (Tier II) in the Bribery, Intimidation and Persuade skills.

  • Gluttonous Pool: Even the lowest of the Faellen Kindred have been 'touched' by their dark masters and Dryaeds are no exception, having a unique pool tied to their famished disposition which they seem to tap into. For Dryaeds like fellow Fallen Kindred of Famine, this pool is called 'Gluttony'. It is some fell reserve that acts almost as manna, though of an indescribable nature to any true practitioner of the Arcane arts. This inherent energy, this dark power, allows Dryaeds to tap into and wield a modest amount of unique abilities and powers. This resource only recovers over a Rest.

  • Gluttonous Magicks: Dryaeds unlike their cousins Nymphs and Redcaps actually are 'blessed' by their foul god Gulagor to wield a bit of his dark power in the form of their own arcane magick. For this they use the skill Spell-Weaving (Gluttony) a foul and forbidden art to most, and all but unrecognizable to any but magisters used to hunting the most foul of apostates or perhaps shamans similarly treating with the darkest of arts. However they gain access to unique dark magicks of Gulagor, corrupted and twisted shadows of magicks that were once the truest of primal forces and weaves within the world. They may call upon these as spells, and a list will be provided for the spells most commonly utilized by a dryaed below. Like all such fell magicks, whenever they attempt to roll Spell-Weaving to cast, even if successful, they suffer a Minor Miscast. This is still arcane magick and these spells can be countered by Counter-Weave and other similar effects a character may possess. Dryaeds are rather low totem pole Faellen Kindred and can only access Tier 1 powers. The Dryaed's caster TN is 19

    Dryad Spell-Forms

    --- --- --- --- --- Spell-Form Name ---
    Casting TN Casting Time Range Duration Target Effects Description
    --- --- --- --- --- Feasting Thorn ---
    14 1 action 60 feet 1 minute 1 Creature in Range This spell-form doubles as a ranged attack, and if it hits the target takes 1d6 piercing damage and 1d6 necrotic damage. However the thorn requires a Medical check to overcome the Dryaed's Caster TN of 19 to remove. The Dryaed at the cost of 1 Gluttony, so long as the thorn is in the target, spend 1 action and deal 1d6 necrotic damage to that target, so long as they are within 60 feet, and the Dryaed also gains that much manna as if a magister channeling manna. A green and black needle, a thorn not unlike that of a rose, but much bigger, launches from the creature at you as it finishes some fell incantation you cannot understand. You feel it burrow beneath your flesh and the pain is white hot.
    --- --- --- --- --- Rejuvenating Feast ---
    16 2 actions Touch Instant Self and a corpse or unconscious creature. Giving into the base drives of Gulagor the dryaed feasts on raw flesh of the dead or dying. If the creature was merely unconscious and dying, increase its Dying count by 1. The dryaed heals for 1d10+its Sagacity Boost, and gains +2 Power and Agility for 1 hour. This spell-form can stack 4 times at most. The creature picks up your unconscious companion with one hand, despite the size, despite the weight, and this emancipated thing before you opens its mouth and tears strips of flesh off your friend, swallowing them whole like some kind of ravenous mad predator, yet seeming not to diminish its hunger but at all.
    --- --- --- --- --- Gulagor's Gift ---
    22 1 action Touch Instant A single creature This power is also a melee attack, though their casting roll counts as the attack roll. If it hits, they deal their normal bite damage, and an additional 1d6 poison damage and 1d6 necrotic damage. The target must then make a Sagacity Defensive Test against the dryaed's TN. A critical success insures nothing happens. A success means the target gains the Exhausted (1) condition. A failure means the target suffers a temporary mental disorder, for the next 24 hours they have unrelenting cannibalistic urges and must work quite hard to resist them if they ever come near a humanoid corpse. A critical failure sees this condition become permanent and the target no longer can gain sustenance from other meats of any kind (though plants are still fine). The creatures jaws snap closed upon your forearm before you can blink, the bite hot, vicious, tearing a strip of flesh from you. Whats more you feel the bile and venom, feel the hunger rising within yourself......what has this foul being done to you?

  • Command Predator: By spending 2 points of Gluttony and 1 action, a Dryaed can attempt to exert her will on any non-humanoid/sapient predator within thirty feet by simply invoking a feeling of extreme, violent, and utterly desperate hunger. Since Dryaeds look so emaciated that they look to have no meat left on their bones, such a creature will not assault them. The creature may attempt a Sagacity Defensive Test of TN 19. Critical failure sees the creature take 4d6 nercrotic damage and simply turn on anyone and any living thing within range. A failure sees it suffer from Confused (3) and take 2d6 necrotic damage. A success sees it take half damage and only suffer Confused (1). A critical success sees nothing happen, as it resists the compulsion and demands of the Dryaed's presence.

  • Wasting Aura: So long as a Dryaed has 1 point of Gluttony in its Gluttony Pool, the creature has a 15 foot aura of flies and the smell of rotting flesh and plant matter fills the air around it. Any creature that ends its turn within this aura must attempt a Toughness Defensive Test of TN 19. If failed they become Sickened (1) and take 2d6 necrotic damage.

  • Toxic Snare: By spending 1 action and 1 point of Gluttony, a Dryad can alter the plant matter within 30 feet of it in one 5 foot space, the plants suddenly sprouting vicious spines dripping with toxins and lashing themselves at any creature which occupies that space. A creature in an area so targeted must attempt a TN 19 Agility Defensive Test. If they critically fail, they become Immobilized, gain the Toxic (1) condition and take 2d6 poison damage. If failed, they become Ensnared and take 2d6 Poison damage and gain Toxic (1). If successful, they must reposition 5 feet in a chosen direction and they avoid the toxic plants getting a grip on them entirely, though do take half damage from the lashing thorny vines. If they critically succeed they must repositon 5 feet in a chosen direction and they are entirely unaffected.

  • Bite Attack: This uses the Melee (Brawling) skill unless utilizing her Gulagor's Gift spell-form. The bite does 1d8+Power Boost piercing damage as well as an additional 1d4 necrotic and 1d4 poison damage.

  • Claw Attack: This uses the Melee (Brawling) skill to attack. The claw does 1d6+Power Boost Slashing damage as well as 1d4 necrotic and 1d4 poison damage.

  • Feast for Manna A Dryaed can also offer itself up for power. By spending 1 action and 1 Gluttony Point, it can take 1d6 damage, and gain an equal amount of manna. This is unstable power however and will only last but two rounds before it is lost to the Aether if the Dryaed does not weave a spell.

  • Natural Camoflogue: Dryaeds blend right in amidst the forests and thick woodlands or fens they are found within. They have a +4 to Subterfuge in such locations.

  • Immunities: Dryaeds, though corrupted by the Void, are entities born of Emerald, Amethyst and Diamond manna as much as they are any parent. They are immune to Poison, Necrotic and Radiant damage, in fact being healed by any effect attempting to deal Radiant damage to them. They are also immune to the Toxic condition.

  • Vulnerabilities: Dryaeds do not handle extremes of temperature well, like most plants. They take double damage from both Fire and Cold damage.

  • Legendary (1): Dryaed's, as with most Faellen Kindred, are legendary. They naturally fall into that first tier, the consistent myths and legends, with a rarity to them, and inherently do seem to garner the benefits of this. They are storied entities and that story does seem to feed them some sort of power. In the case of the Dryaeds, though you may change these out, the base idea is they have the following three benefits;

    1. One Tough Specimen: They have an extra 2d12 wounds (accounted for in this reference sheet already)

    2. Dinner Table Deal-Maker (Unique Ability): A Dryaed has the Momentum on any Persona based skill checks it is making when negotiating with someone whom it has or is feeding on, or whom has (knowingly or not) entered into an agreement to provide it sustenance one way or another.

    3. Legendary Presence: The Dryaed's sheer presence, reputation and impact upon those around it reduces their ability to think clearly and perform at their best. Any creature that starts its turn within 5 feet of a Dryaed is at a -2 to all d20 rolls. This aura, this presence is broken once the Dryaed takes 25 points of damage, and does not recover until it has taken a Rest (Long Rest for you 5e players)

Skill Boosts

Athletics: +5__, Awareness: +9__, Bribery: +4__, Intuition: +7__, Intimidation: +5__, Lore (Occult): +9__, Language (Arcanis) +9__, Melee (Brawling): +5__, Navigation (Terrestrial): +9__, Persuade: +4__, Spell-Weaving (Gluttony: +7__, Subterfuge: +5 (+9 if in Forests/Fens/Swamps/Jungles)__, Survival: +7

Advancement/Alteration Options

Dryads, like other Faellen Kindred are sapient enough to potentially have Profession levels. If you choose to do this, as a GM you should know that you should increase their EL appropriately, that is, by an amount equal to the character levels you have given them.

GM NOTE: Faellen Kindred are older than old. They are the remnants of powers long forgotten and a kingdom unlike anything any adventurers can possibly imagine. Though they are a shadow of what they once were, and disparate factions that are not allied, though not at open war, this....wisdom and history bleeds through in one facet that cannot be ignored, and is how they mess with the sapient beings whom now sit as the rightful rulers of this realm and reality. They are impressively fluent, perfectly so in common Valarian, and generally also in whatever racial languages would be the most common for the regions they are found living near (so for example, Faellen Kindred in Suranth would be disturbingly fluent in Dwarven).


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