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Adventures Abound!

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Adventures Abound! is a Single Player module series for the classic Dungeons and Dragons computer role-playing game Neverwinter Nights, built with and for the new Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition released by Beamdog.  


  Adventures Abound! is a collection of individual modules, or adventures, which take place in the same fantasy setting of Hephaestion. Each adventure is a self-contained story that can be played independently of other adventures with the same or new characters. Some adventures are part of a "saga" or collection of adventures that involve the same world event. For sagas there is still no required play order for each of the saga's individual adventures.   Every adventure provides content for different play styles (combat/stealth/story-heavy/etc...) and settings (urban/wilderness/dungeon/etc...) and incorporates old and new game mechanics, including: Classic dungeon-crawls and boss fights, Engaging stories and mysteries to be solved, Tower-defense and onslaught minigames, Large-scale battles, and more  

Exploring Adventures Abound Content

  Use the Table of Contents below to navigate the site. You can learn more about the fantasy world of Hephaestion in the Lore of Hephaestion section or by checking out the Timeline of Hephaestion. You can see all available modules/adventures in the Adventures Notice Board section. and you can read the latest news and updates in the Hephaestion Herald section.  

Adventures Abound! is a work in progress, so stay tuned for updates and new adventures!