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Year: 3185

- humans continued with the Gregorian calendar system...from Earth to Coplahee

Day: 234

- of the year

  After destroying Earth, Humans traveled to a goldilocks planet, made it their new home, and named it Coplahee. They inhabited this planet for many centuries before the aliens attacked them, and now the aliens control both the planet and the human race.
  The aliens out-powered humans with their advanced technology, making for a brief war; and after mass destruction across the planet, human life was down to one third the population. The aliens shipped these remaining humans to one continent on Coplahee named DeBasne: the most desolate of all the continents. A majority of the humans reside in Krunk City because it's the largest city on DeBasne.
  Several months later the aliens dropped a virus over DeBasne to weed out the weak humans; their plan was to use the physically and mentally stronger humans as their 'worker bees'.
This short story can be purchased through in the anthology: Beneath the Twin Suns.

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