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Eleven Zealots, First day of Utu Year 586 ADJ

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Adonisia is a world where Magic is high and abound. A world shaped and made ages ago by the gods. Now they are bound by a contract, so they cannot, but will still try, to change the life of mortals.   580 years ago a Calamity happened, splitting Highrune into two and sinking most of it in the ocean. Two new Kingdoms emerged, Highrune West- of the dwarfs and Highrrune East- of humans. Both Are dominated by divine magisters as the Arcane magic, that sank most of Highrune, is now considered a sin.   Mostly in battle with Highrune, is Ashur, a land that is still free to practice Arcane magic, and is built on the money made by magic. In Ashur, anyone who doesn't have the ability to cast spells is considered second-rate, at best.   The great conflict will unfold in this world, and your adventurers can choose to change the fate of nations, and unbalance the scales for one nation, or maybe none.   This world is built for a DnD 5e campaign and inside the multiverse of DnD. But can be run in any roll20 system, or just be read as an ever changing book.


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  • Map of Highrune

    Highrune After the Calamity.