Letherian Minvahla

The Mortal god

Leader, Letherian Minvahla

Letherian Minvahla has stood at the head of Adonis' leadership for nearly twenty thousand years, and if you have ever wanted to see a country just as devoted to their leader as their leader is to them, Adonis should be the first stop. Since the dawn of time, Letherian has confidently lead the country into the greatness that has become of it today. You will find books upon books, sculptures upon paintings, stories told by the eldest Adonis has to offer; depicting Letherian at all ages, just as optimistic and compassionate as he stands today. Through the years Letherian has strived for the best for everyone, not just his people. Anyone and everyone can be confident in what governorship Letherian can offer. His creatures gladly sleep at night, and wake up in the morning, knowing they are in safe hands.

Physical Description

Physical quirks

Keeps his posture professional and active with a strong, confident gait. From time to time, he can get a slight limp but isn't usually too noticeable.

Apparel & Accessories

A casual-formal style, put together, but comfortable. Prefers tightish clothing over loose and baggy. He feels like it's disrespectful to his people to not put thought into his appearance. He can usually be seen wearing gauntlets and armoured boots, but it's mostly just for show.

Specialized Equipment

He can sometimes be seen with a silver cane, but only on rare occasions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Letherian's history is Adonis' history. He has pretty much been in the country since day 1 (or year four, if you want to get specific.) At age Twenty-three thousand, four hundred and ninety-nine; Letherian has seen everything there is to see, and been through the best-and worst-the Universe can offer. He's made mistakes in his time, but he has also grown from those situations and realized that's not the kind of person he wants to be. At his age, it's easy to grow bored of it all and search for something more; but he's devoted himself to his country and vowed to ensure all those under his Leadership are equal and content.

Gender Identity

Male, he/him




Most of Letherian's education, specifically in Leadership and mentoring, has come solely from his experience throughout the years. Meetings with other Leaders, feedback from his people; after twenty-thousand years in the same role, one doesn't have the option to be uneducated about their work. And, as for history; he's lived through every era his country has been through. He keeps himself up to date on the farther regions' tales, practices, and regions; but who needs to study the laws of literature and sports when you were apart of the generation that developed them? 
And combat is a given; his Second in Command, Griflyn Sharus, runs a school that teaches that very thing. He hasn't taken a course, by any means, but when you're around the headmaster twenty-four-seven, again; you'll pick up a thing or two. He took a few courses on combat when he was younger-like twenty-five-in a neighbouring country. But, that's the extent of his "professional" training or education.


Since he was Seventeen years old, Letherian has stood at the head of Adonis as their Leader. He has seen the best, and worst, of the massive country and has strived every day to make sure they remain satisfied.
And, even though he loves his country; after fifteen-thousand years, Letherian chose to expand his horizons and start an organization called the "The "Chain" Movement." The goal of the movement was to link thousands of different countries under one Monarchy and common laws to discourage disputes and war for power. Over two thousand countries have joined the movement, and Letherian still stands strong at the head.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though he wouldn't brag about it; Letherian has accomplished and achieved a lot in his time. Within the past one hundred years alone, he has achieved more than most do in one thousand. Most of his biggest achievements-in his eyes-were at the benefit and success of his people.

Personality Characteristics


Letherian would want nothing more than to end warfare
After losing so many loved ones, and watching his people die and suffer from fight power and selfish, thoughtless reasons, Letherian's main goal is to strive for a peaceful, loss-free life for all planets in the known universe. He doesn't want anyone to have to suffer through the pain he has.


Letherian Minvahla

Companion (Vital)

Towards Griflyn Sharus



Griflyn Sharus

Companion (Vital)

Towards Letherian Minvahla




It took nearly four years for the humans to figure out how to reproduce, but once they did, Letherian Minvahla and Griflyn Sharus were among the first generation born. They were aware of each other's presence, but never really spoke. Unfortunately, that quickly needed to change. During the chaos of the attack on Surlian, Griflyn Sharus watched Letherian Minvahla abandon his cry for help, and run into the mountains in order to save himself. In an instant, Griflyn Sharus grew seething hatred for Letherian Minvahla, and the state he had left them in, and nearly killed him when Letherian Minvahla returned. They fought nearly every day, their sudden place in leadership forcing them into a relationship they couldn't have wanted less. As they were both very dominant, especially when it came to leading, they often butted heads and clashed with one another. They got into a few physical fights, but as they grew up, those quickly came to a halt.
After the The "Crimson" War was when everything changed. They lost everyone they loved, literally left with only each other. They had to learn how to work together and tolerate one another, or they could've sent the whole country into collapse. Slowly, over hundreds of years, they managed to grow into friends, opening up to each other a bit more, listening to the other's ideas and working with that, rather than around it. It took them a serious, serious amount of time, but they eventually grew into a more caring, and vital relationship. Now, it is a rare sight to see Letherian Minvahla without his Second in Command.

Relationship Reasoning

At first, it was very forced. They fought a lot, pretty much despised each other. But, leading together and having to work together through Adonis' hardest times, especially the The "Crimson" War, they grew close. It built into less of a necessary, business relationship and more into a caring and important relationship to both of them.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

While books, shows, and games may be fun; the workload seems to never end for the two of them. Anytime he can get to himself, Griflyn Sharus ideal situation is to relax with a good book. But, every turn of the page, he is reminded of the documents, bills, letters, and agreements waiting for a read through and approval.
Letherian Minvahla, too, enjoys a good book. He enjoys any and all forms of art his people have to offer. He makes excuses for him and Griflyn Sharus to go watch a play or pretends to work for a couple of minutes, so he can truly examine the beauty of paintings gifted to him. He doesn't get much time to simply enjoy what he loves, and though that is disheartening to him, he knows every minute of hard work on his end helps another one of his Creatures truly enjoy life in his Countries.

Shared Acquaintances

Maximer Faragar

Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Leader of Adonis
King of The "Chain" Movement
Child of the Gods
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
4 23499 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Letherian was among the first twenty-five humans born in Adonis; a generation most commonly called the "Pu'la" (meaning 'foundation in Iilec)
Current Residence
Light grey, almost white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
A porcelain white with violet undertones
167 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Power should come from respect. Value respect over anything else, my child, it is not earned easily."
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype
Edward Norton

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    Letherian's birth
    Life, Birth

    Letherian was among the first generation of creatures born in Adonis, also called the "Pu'la" in Iilec  or "the foundationals"

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    The Abattoir
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Abattoir is known as the true start of Adonis. After a rampage-inducing disease is set over the human villages, a brutal massacre kills all but seven inhabitants.

    More reading
    Letherian Minvahla
    Additional timelines
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    The Bestowal of Theolene

    After the attack on Surlian, Theolene felt guilty for what her companion, Ezhilan, wrought on the humans. She bestowed her power onto a dying Letherian, and instructed him to lead Adonis to the best it could be.


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