The Mouth of Nisaba

The Mouth of Nisaba is a monastic order of scribes and wave shapers dedicated to Nisaba, Goddess of writing and communication. They are known for their dark colored hooded robes, and for maintaining a nearly total vow of silence.


Every wave shaper that actively uses their ability is required to be a member. Any scribe above the rank of Graduate is permitted to join, but not required. Lesser scribes are also permitted, but are not required to follow the tenets of the order and may not wear the robes until they achieve Graduate.
  The Mouth of Nisaba does employ workers that are not professional members, typically those without shaping skills, for mundane tasks and dealing with the public. While these workers may not call themselves members of the order, the Mouth takes good care of them, providing rooms within the Stations to live if necessary.


Broadcasting, Radio


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