The Golem League

When the cache of artifacts was discovered in Kibilagaldi, a group of the most skilled and brilliant minds was gathered to catalogue and study the items. Central to this effort was the discovery of golems in the cache, and the start of the Great War soon after made golems the highest priority. These ancient golems were eventually duplicated, and soon after were turned into weapons to fight for the Adinites.    While the researchers and shapers working on the program understood the need for these golems and their use in the war effort, they struggled with the morality of using these extremely dangerous machines to kill. The sheer effort it took to allow the golems to attack other sentient beings showed that the Gods never intended for them to be used in this way, and the people involved in weaponizing these elegant golems had strong regrets. When the war ended, the populace was understandably distrustful of golems.    The Golem League began in Ednimuru, the town which grew up around the vault and research center where the ancient golems were discovered. The founding members were Roderick Rothwald, his wife Rosa of Gibila, Ciprian-kursu, Minna and Barcen Azune, Alpert Porter, and Marcia Rit, all companions in the research and deployment of the golems. Their guilt and remorse over the weaponizing of the golems, and a strong desire to keep working with them and spreading golemic science across the globe, led them to establish this group, as well as schools and arenas to teach others about golemancy.    They set up their first small school in Ednimuru, under Roderick and Rosa's leadership. A small arena was set up on the grounds to show off the capabilities and safety of the various industrial golems they were starting to produce. Besides the daily technical demonstrations, visitors were also able to witness golems making constant expansions to both the school and arena as the excited crowds grew. Many from the first classes of graduates stayed on as teachers to handle the increase in applicants. The school expanded its mission and began teaching other disciplines of shaping, as well as art, history, and other basic subjects, but the real draw to the Rothwald School was its golemancy program.    Graduates that excelled in both golemancy and psychology were given the chance to be inducted into the Golem League after their schooling, and some went on to found their own schools or arenas across the world. Others respond to reports of aberrant golem behavior in remote areas without a permanent League presence and perform complicated interviews, or audits, of these golems to determine if their programming is corrupted. While no golems have ever completely failed the test and been determined capable of either murder or free will, the two cardinal sins of golemancy, some golems have been deemed questionably unsafe and forcibly decommissioned at the end of the League interviews.   There are significantly more golem arenas than there are schools of golemancy. Demonstrations of new models of golems are more of a niche following now, but the gladiatorial style combat between golems in the League arenas has become the most popular sport on Adin. The Golem League runs all these arenas, adjudicating events and tracking the careers of exceptional golems and the people who control them, called jockeys. These jockeys traditionally just screamed orders at their respective golems from the edge of the arena during combat, but with the arrival of networked golems these jockeys can now "ride along" with their creations, connecting specialized headgear with the golem's own vision.
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