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Thrimirht the Rule Breaker

Thrimirht is the leader of the Ismat Raiders, the band of villains that assault AshraBashra carriages, and steal and sell the Ismat oil they carry to the highest bidder.   It is unlikely that Thrimirht is this scoundrel's real name. Given that he is an asura, it is likely that he was born in the Nameless, and thus had no name until he made one up. Though he is asura, it is foolhardy to call him cursed given his rise to power. Even devs of the Ismat Empire barely acknowledge his is asura, for to do so is to admit that a lesser being is getting the better of them.   Thrimirht has earned the title 'Rule Breaker' The first rule he broke was to escape the Nameless. Next, he somehow infiltrated dev society. There is no other way he could have become the master swordsman that he is, though his strength in fighting is that even in this, he does not fight in an orderly fashion. he wields a sword in one hand and has a chain wrapped around his other that he will loosen and throw out without warning, a fighting technique that is not taught in any school.   Thrimirht's threat is his creativity, and his ability to use the social rules of the empire against itself. He employs rhakshasas who would normally never belittle themselves by serving even a dev, never mind an asura, and Thrimirht has no problem in employing the other people of Adijari either against the strictly dev AshraBashra. Though the AshraBashras are a strong disciplined force, that discipline has proven to restrict them from keeping up with Thrimirht's changing strategies. They struggle to evade the detection of Thrimirht's amesha mercenaries who feel their carriages upon the earth from miles away. They labor against his elves in hazy weather, and they cannot outrun his Goat-lahk's on the jagged mountain pathways. Everything that the empire finds dishonorable, Thrimirht uses against them, from bribing locals, to attacking at holy times, to using his rhakshasas' magic. Thrimirht the rule breaker is known to everyone in the Ismat Empire, for when an enemy of the empire gets their hand on Ismat oil, it is Thrimirht who sold it to them.

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