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Adelaide Killed the Queen


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Thousands of years ago, when the nomadic omin of the Black Savannah migrated north, they were enslaved by the weyr due to their impressive magical abilities. They are still slaves on much of the continent of Bassora, of which most is controlled by Oscara.   Sixteen years ago, many had decided that enough was enough. They fled Bassora, trying their luck on the never-before traversed ocean called the Bottomless Abyss–and they survived. They reached the continent of Kyris, where they encountered two new species: the herbivorous qiamipae, whose fear of outsiders has prompted significant scientific progress, and the carnivorous shao, who are desperate to prove they are not mindless killing machines.   Eleven years ago, Adelaide was captured alongside most everyone else in her flotilla. As they were all executed one by one, including her mother, she was locked away in the Ivory Tower to await her trial. When she finally was tried and sentenced to death, she escaped by murdering Tsarina Evangelija Voronin, ruler of Thaelia.

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