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Adaraxa's Archipelago

18.04.1475 a.s.

Created by

Evil god-spirit- Adaraxa want to reclaim her body before next solar eclipse but she need to collect 7 artefacts which are lost to history   THEME: We forge our own destiny, free will vs prophecy   Adaraxa's body was destroyed by other gods because of prophecy that she will destroy the world, her body was split in seven parts and buried in archipelago, but to gods horror it all went according to the prophecy and now Adaraxa is closer to fulfil her destiny. If she reclaim her body before next solar eclipse world will fall into her hands


  • Map of Adaraxa Archipelago
  • Map of Wave Breaker

    For many just a ship like many other for it's crew the best friend that helped them out to escape many dangers of the open sea. Wave Breaker is very fast but it lacks firepower, however there is much room for improvements. Sails are a little tattered, ropes haves seen better days and paint on the ship started to fall.