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Adalith, World of Possibility

16cc/2yl, 7 Kiho

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Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one layer of the Universe. These layers lie on top of each other, but are all part of the same Universe. What happens in one changes all the others, despite their radically different forms.   The first, most familiar layer is Terra, the World of Inevitability. Terra is filled with natural beauty, but few are able to know of its wonders. There is very little intelligent life in Terra; the only known sign of it is on a blue and green rock around a small sun. This planet is filled with cruel beings that will inevitably destroy themselves, like the layer they live in. Terra itself will die slowly, leaving dead stars strewn across its wastes.   A layer that is not so doomed is Adalith, world of Possibility. Adalith, like Terra, has very little life compared to such a universe, and even the same form of intelligent life, which evolved alongside magic. With the cycle of magic, Adalith will not experience heat death.   Humans blended technology and magic and fixed most of their problems. However, they are still humans. It is in their nature to love and hate, and so, for every problem that they fix, many more make themselves known.

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