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The Bone harvest

"You eat... the remains of the dead?"   "Remains? Oh no. Just the bones of those who have fallen in combat. The bones of those who have died to ensure that those who live see a better day. We honour them in this way. That we eat whats left of their mortal remains may sound disturbing to many, but for us, it is a way of remembering them"   Aiden Tallorann, to Loran Sanguinus Meros on the festival of the bone harvest
Man has harvested ever since the dawn of civilization. When the first seeds were planted in Mesopotamia and the Indus valley, the inklings of civilization arose with them too. Over time, man would become far more technologically advanced, spreading to the stars themselves. Yet, harvesting was a tradition that they would never abandon. And in the world of Falaria, it took on a new form During the Hallowing, when the boundary between the world of the dead and that of the living weaken, the Falarians conduct their usual crop harvests. Alongside their usual harvest, another one goes on in the cemeteries containing its dead. The Falarians dig out the bones of their relatives, and then prepare special dishes with them which are consumed during cultural ceremonies. Many would find this repulsive, for the notion of eating the remains of their dead are horrifying. But for the Falarians, it is a way of remembering those that had died and better still, those that died in wars and in other situations to give others a chance of living on.   The bone harvest is one of the most celebrated traditions on Falaria, being rooted amongst the very first colonists who arrived here. The planet's history enriched this tradition further, as the bones of those who fell to the legions of the breaker were consumed by their relatives as a last remembrance. It is one of the many traditions that are celebrate as part of the wider Hallowing celebration that takes place on Falaria during the end of the harvest season, marking the end of summer and autumn and heralding the arrival of winter. It is also meant to be a preparation, a last bit of celebration before the first snows fall

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