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Cadmeian slang

Created by Elias "Redclaw"
"Shoogin ell! That shooger shonked me wallet in an alley!"   An example of Cadmeian slang
  Cadmeian slang is the name given to the local slang that originates from Cadmeia. Cadmeian slang has its origins in Old Terran British slang for the most part, with some offworlders even sarcastically remarking that Cadmeian slang is basically a bootleg version of British slang. This, more often than not, tremendously angers native Cadmeians as they take their culture seriously and they percieve it as an insult against their culture.
Common Phrases
Below is a list of Cadmeian slang words and phrases.

Slang words

  • Shoog- Shoog is an incredibly versatile swear word in Cadmeian, being equal to the word "fuck" found in English. E.g " That guy is a gigantic shooger!"
  • Shonk- Shonk is another versatile Cadmeian word. In its most simple sense, Shonk means to steal something. E.g, "I was shonked in an alleyway by some Offies".
  • Offies- A term used for referring to offworlders with the exception of people living on Terra and the other planets around The Gehennian gate..

Common Idioms

  • To shoog the sky- To do an impossible task
  • To start a wildfire- To escalate a situation by using violence or other agressive methods.
  • To find the devil- To find the culprit behind a criminal act

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Author's Notes

This was written at close to 2 am so uhh excuse me if there are grammar mistakes littered around XD.

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18 Jul, 2019 05:21

Hello Redclaw, it's me, your worst enemy. Just kidding, it's the feedback wizard here to give you feedback on your slang.   First off, I really love the similarity to British slang. Makes it a little more opaque for me, a Canadian, but some of the words just sound like swears regardless of what dialect you're speaking. Some of those idioms are also very versatile and probably very common.   I would love to see some more! Are there certain phrases for falling in love, slang words for various galactic peoples and places, etc.? Feel free to put words and phrases in the main part of the article; it currently looks a little sad on its own.   Anyways, good luck with the rest of Summer Camp, and I'll probably be lurking somewhere I'm not supposed to. See you around :D