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Acrious, which translates to "Creation" in the Draconic tongue is a world with ancient myths and legends that expands for eons. The world is mysterious and dangerous with cultures spreading all over six continents, inspired by real world societies, myths and legends.   Acrious first began during the birth of dragons, more commonly known as the Age of Scales. A prehistoric age in which reptilian races ruled over the entire planet. But as time went on Humanity sprouted from its fertile soils and soon the humanoid races would bloom and blossom all over the planet.   Through a series of magical, divine, and environmental evolution many of the other races came forth from that common ancestory. Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, and even some of the more uncommon and lesser known races like Goliaths, Oni, Storm Born, and Orisha all stem from that original line. The world is filled with conflict and many great civilization have come to rise and fall over the long centuries.

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