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The Zenith (0th) of Decim in the Year 1500 AL

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An avatar-esque fantasy world that looks into the realistic implications of prophecies, heroes, and magic in a less-than-perfect society. The main story takes place in Isar, one of the many island kingdoms on Acrin. An ancient prophecy tells of eight demigods rising against an enormous evil to save the kingdom and world at large, and the people have waited years in anticipation for the next incarnates of these heroes. Now that they're finally here, however, the whole "hero" role seems to be far more complicated than ever predicted. With unclear enemies and ambiguous moral situations, the new demigods must now figure out what their true purpose is- and if they are even the "heroes" of the prophecy.   This is more a pet project than anything else, something I've been daydreaming about (hence the username) since I was a teen. I wouldn't mind some feedback on logic/storybuilding if you'd like, but you can also just look around for inspiration yourself (or for a butt for jokes as potentially this site's version of "My Immortal"; I know I'm not a great world builder or writer, lol). Either way, I hope my work here leads to something positive, whether it's a good story, a good idea, or a good laugh :)