Anarrok (Ah-narh-rock)


Anarrok was created by sheer will and determination of his beloved followers. He was brought to god-hood by the amount of devoted fans that he had. He was hailed as a fantastic storyteller and songwriter. Often singing about legends long passed and things happening in the world. He is truly beloved amogst children and his stories give many happiness.


He takes on the appearance of a very humble bard, with orange hair and very fox-like features, many would think he was trying to con you out of something. He is quite the opposite in fact. He is one of the nicer gods in that respect, he will not interfere with the affairs of the populace. Rather, he is involved in the development of culture and stories in the world of Aclaria.

Stories Surrounding Anarrok

Some say that when Anarrok is spinning a tale of times passed, the flames anywhere near him start to dance, as if possessed. Although it could be a trick of the mind, some have claimed to have seen him turn into a ghostly fox upon leaving a festival. Many just think these sightings are inebreated people trying to get attention.


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