The Stolen Threads

The Party elected to lead Twig and his goblin friends back to Crossbones, where the fey creatures simply vanished upon arrival. When the gate was lowered and the party convinced the guard to let them in, the creatures evidently made a direct route for the Armory. From there, it seems they stole a stockpile of Threads of the Old Weave.


Odac moved to kill the entire party, but Khol Nazalk intervened and spared their lives. Believing exile from the camp to be as good as a death sentence, he instructed the party to find and return the threads, hoping to give them a remote chance to rectify the situation. He did not seem optimistic that they could complete this task, but did provide them with an amateur map of The Fellgleam and a single Crossbones Doubloon.


On their way out of the camp, Gillath Naethyra intercepted Murmus Bigtoe to warn him of the dangers of visiting The Feywild without a guide of some sort. She suggested that he seek the help of the inscrutable gnomish woman who had been sighted by several of Zau's Raiders during their time in the forest. She also provided him with a Tide Stone Amulet.


After failing to locate Twig at the treehouse where first they met him, the party would return to the home of Marin. This provided them shelter for their first night in the Fellgleam after their exile from Crossbones. The next day, Marin would lead them to the doorstep of Lilli Longshadow, but the party found that they could not meaningfully communicate with her thanks to The Curse of Crossbones. When Lilli came to understand the situation, she suggested the party seek out a creature once named Rochenion, believing him to be a possible translator to work around the curse. She claimed not to know how to break the curse itself.


The party descended into the depths of The Primeval Archive, where they overcame some undying sentinels and a madness that threatened to consume them as long as they remained. They located and successfully abducted Roach using a paralysis poison gifted to them by Lilli.


After a brief interrogation of the nothic, Lilli was able to deduce that the party seemed like good people put in a bad situation. This aside, she became concerned that a quickling--or any creature of the fey--would have an interest in collecting threads. She further deduced that something nefarious was at play. When the party insisted on keeping their promise to Marin above all else, she offered to visit The Feywild on their behalf. The party gratefully accepted this offer.

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