The Shard of Pandemonium

The Shard of Pandemonium is a physical splinter of The Abyss. It was created incidentally during the Severing of Pandemonium (and the inadvertent creation of the god Naphora) before being discovered by Graz'zt and later given as a gift to Lolth.


Vethlanoril and Siravassiryn

Lolth eventually used the Shard as a means to sow discord among the prosperous drow cities of Vethlanoril and Siravassiryn. Placing it in a cavern equidistant from the two cities, she enlisted spies to spread rumors in each city about a powerful artifact in the region. It would ultimately be found by Mournas Oussana.

  The Shard's introduction would result in the ultimate destruction of each by one another. The Shard was thought lost after Arkaryvos, the last wizard of Vethlanoril, banished it from the The Underdark. In the process, he sealed it off from Lolth and any who sought its power.


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