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Shadar-kai, also known as shadow fey, are a race of shadow-like fey connected to The Shadowfell. They are widely believed to have originated as a subspecies of elves who associated with Morrigan, although other legends about their origins also persist.



Some shadar-kai resemble blighted elves, in a perpetual state between life and death, while others are human-like in appearance. They are usually slender, and about the same size as humans. They often have dusky gray skin and colorless complexions that range from alabaster to dark gray. Most have black hair, but some few shadar-kai have pale hair. All have dark eyes lacking any sclera or clear pupil.


Despite having a somewhat youthful appearance while in the Prime Material plane, being in the Shadowfell reveals the shadar-kai's curse. They appear visibly aged and withered, with swollen joints that gave them a corpse-like aspect. For that reason, many shadar-kai wear masks while in the Shadowfell.


Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Shadows on their bodies or clothing always seem to be deeper and darker than shadows elsewhere, and shadows seem to follow and reach out to them, making them easily lost from view. They generally exhibit graceful movements well-suited to stealth.


The shadar-kai are a deceptive and subtle people. They generally prefer to attack from ambush and steal without being seen. Although many shadar-kai favor the path of the rogue, their spellcasters often show a particular gift for illusion magic.


Of the Shadowfell

Due to their prolonged exposure to the Shadowfell, shadar-kai are nearly devoid of emotion. They are known to be bitter, grim-natured and troubled, but also driven and ambitious. They are often seen as cold and pitiless to outsiders.


Shadar-kai tend to have very little regard for their own lives. Often viewing a present incarnation as but one in an endless cycle, they are usually jaded and careless with their bodies.


Shadar-kai embrace living to the limits of pleasure while striving for personal greatness. In their search for glory, most shadar-kai ignore comfort, morality, and safety--these they consider banalities.


Their very presence evinces feelings of sadness and awareness of one's own mortality.

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