Crystalline Coast

The Crystalline Coast is the northernmost region of Acaelica's northeast peninsula. Its boundary is loosely defined by the Hoarfrost Woods, which stretch in punctuated fashion across the continent.



The Crystalline Coast is a viciously cold, inhospitable taiga. Beyond the trees of the Hoarfrost, the region's flora become increasingly homgenous and sparse. Until fairly recent times in fact, the coast was nearly devoid of plant life. However, recent advancements in magic and artificing have allowed for the growth of small forests. These are used almost exclusively for timber and are attended by terraformers throughout the region.


Small, craggy mountain ranges claim much of the remaining landscape. These are interlaced with iceberg-like formations and massive, glacial ridges. The land is harsh and unforgiving and it has been so for as long as anyone can remember.



Like much of the greater continent, the Crystalline Coast is home to tribalistic societies which are largely isolated from one another. Most of these exist within a short distance of the Hoarfrost, though others appear along the icy waterways that shape the overall region.


Unlike much of Acaelica, however, the communities of the Crystalline Coast are loosely confederated. This alignment can likely be credited to the rise of the Glaciido order, who are generally revered and beloved by inhabitants of the region. Almost all settlements in the Crystalline Coast are host to a Glaciido dojo, and each of these is home to a priestess who is generally viewed as the political leader of settlement. These priestesses are also sometimes viewed as religious icons, even to the extent of being worshiped by certain aspects of northern society.


During times of great peril, representatives from each of the region's settlements--in addition to the Glaciido priestesses--gather together in Typhier's End to strategize and to formulate responses to the threat.



The most valuable resource in the Crystalline Coast is the Shivervine, which grows along the icebergs that sporadically form within the region's waterways. It is dangerous and difficult to harvest and extremely taboo to damage or destroy. The plant has a variety of medicinal benefits, and some even claim it can be used to extend one's life indefinitely.

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The Frost Lands, the Bitter North
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