Adynaton is a massive mountain in the northwestern reaches of Acaelica. Although its exact height has yet to be verified, few who have seen the mountain dispute its reputation as the tallest in the world.


Impossible Heights

Many adventurers have attempted to scale Adynaton over the years. Those who did not perish in their attempt have returned in failure--and among these, it is agreed that the peak must be at least eight miles from sea level. These returned survivors are swift to expose those boasting successful climbs as charlatans--and violence is not uncommon during such disputes.


The peaks themselves are invisible for the first portion of the climb, as perpetual cloud cover and storms obscure any view from below. In fact, these storms have dissuaded even airship expeditions to the peaks. The climb is also reported to be treacherous for reasons surpassing the technical. Tales of strange creatures and magics are common among the more successful climbers, although little is offered in the way of details.


The Book of Fools

The God's Shadow Tavern in nearby Farae Bolcán maintains a record of all to attempt the climb. They have been engaging in this practice for over a century and the list of names is impressively long. The ledger--entitled the Book of Fools--is made available to any patron who pays for a drink and requests it. However, many of the names within are illegible beneath scratch marks. These are added once the climber is assumed or confirmed dead.

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