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Abyssal Planes Prototype

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Abyssal Planes is a (web)comic I’m working on. The basic idea is a reaction to the archetypical village/town/country/continent/world sized dungeon we see so often in fantasy. Why would anyone build a dungeon so big? How? What for? The ideas expanded further, until I ended up with a paradoxical concept that’s both high fantasy and low fantasy, high magic and low magic. I'll be playing with weird psychedelic fantasy and bits from hard scifi and history. The narrative of Abyssal is stuck between somewhere between high magic and low magic.   Welcome to Earth. It’s just like our Earth, only the people are different. When humans discovered the power of shamanism in dark caves during the Neolithic, they didn’t just kickstart human culture. They discovered a parallel world inside the darkness of the caves. The barrier between the physical world, and a whirlpool of raw unadulterated magic - the "abyss". As civilisations developed, shamans began mastering magic. Artificial gateways into the "abyss" were constructed in the first cities. This allowed humanity to bring the magic with them, into the world beyond the caves. Now, we have the “dungeon” where magic flows freely, the cities where magic exists in limited quantities, and the hinterlands which are almost free of magic. This is the Earth in which the story takes place.   The core of the story will be about dungeoneers, adventurers that explore the "dungeon", in search for loot, knowledge, magic and bounties. This line of work is - of course - extremely deadly, but the rewards are great.

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