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The Cataclysm

Disaster / Destruction

The Cataclysm

An unknown event forced people of different races into massive underground vaults for 330 years.

It has been passed from generation to generation, it has been carved onto the walls of the vaults, it has been written down on ancient documents.   The Cataclysm was an unknown event, speculated by scholars to have affected the environment and thus forced civilisation underground. People were evacuated into the Vaults, deep below the current location of the four major cities of Abyss. The Vaults themselves are of mysterious origin, no one knows who built them, and for what purposes. But one thing the founding fathers knew was that the Vaults saved the very last flicker of civilisation.   While tensions were high, as indicated by surviving journals of the denizens of the vaults, the people of different races came together for the sake of survival, and differences were put aside. Eventually, the common language was developed as were majority of the customs and traditions Abyssians still follow today.

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