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The Founding

The Founding marked the end of the Old World era, and the beginning of the Universal Century era, as well as Abyss as a nation.   From the vaults that stretched deep beneath the keeps of the four major cities, the founding fathers of Abyss led their fellow friends and family out onto the surface with fear and uncertainty. They surfaced to find ghost cities intact and in pristine condition, and infrastructure all in place for the taking. With such perfect conditions, it put the people at ease, and their lives started to take shape. However, the beast horde from the abyss came without warning, and it took the people by surprise.   The brutal fight lasted months, claiming the lives of nearly a third of all residents. With the sacrifice of two of the major founding fathers, the beast horde was finally stopped. The survivors came together with a new sense of camaraderie, and together, they found the country of Abyss.   The people put forth the all that they had, and held the largest celebration ever.   It was a joyous day for all.

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