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Steam engines

Using steam as its working fluid, the steam engine is the driving force behind societies that reside at the abyss.   Essentially a large kettle, steam produced from boiling water is induced into a cylinder that then drives a piston - thermal energy turned into mechanical energy.


The sealing of the cylinder and piston, as well as the production of the gas pipeline, means that only the dwarves, who have high metal processing skills, are capable of manufacturing steam machines.   High output steam machines require high quality iron or steel.
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Access & Availability
The steam machine is used throughout the abyss, in combination of clockwork machines and magic apparatuses.
While simple in principle, steam machines are difficult to manufacture due to a scarcity in good metal ores and the precision required for manufacturing.
Passed down through the ages, the steam machine has been one of the main pillars of all industries at the abyss.   Dwarven smiths are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency of the production of the machines, and of the machines themselves.

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