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Level 1 ( The Edge of the abyss)

The Edge of the abyss is the 1st level of the abyss. Its composition is relatively tame compared to the deeper and more mysterious levels. The first level is the only part of the abyss that Abyssians consider, in some form, "safe". Due to this, it is where most delvers spend their time - excavating resources, or exploring the numerous caves and mines in the area.   Strains of Ascent: Light dizziness and nausea


Level 1 is filled with gentle rolling plains. There are expansive stretches of forests and relatively mild mountains. Rivers and lakes are generally clustered closer to the mountains save those that are directly below the precipice or extension of Level 0 where the rivers fall directly down onto Level 1. There are an unknown number of caves and mines in and around Level 1.   Level 1 is the most shallow section of the abyss, its lowest and highest points are between one and three kilometres from the edges and precipices of Level 0.

Flora & Fauna

The environment is consistent and sunny, the wildlife consists of fantastical and mostly docile creatures.
  • Map of Level 1 (The Edge of the abyss)

    Level 1 lies just a few short kilometers below Level 0. Yet, it is as if the two are on entirely different worlds. Level 1, due to the Gaia Force Field, has its own enclosed atmosphere and environment. Even its climate is independent to that of Level 1.

Alternative Name(s)
Edge of the abyss
Underground / Subterranean

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