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Central is the ruling organization of Abyss comprised of a parliament, seemingly ruled by the Elder Council.   Established 179 years ago, Central was found during The Founding , at the end of the bitter fight against the monster tide of the abyss.


A mix of an unicameral parliamentary republic, Central, located at Sanctuary , allocates the other three major regions and their governing cities ( Western City , Eastern City , Southern City ) at its own accord.   Each major city, inclusive of Sanctuary are responsible for different aspects of government. Due to the exclusivity of governmental departments and industries within each major city, local laws may vary slightly from one another.   There is a Council of Elders nominated and voted for by the members of each race that make up Abyss. It is said that the Elders act as advisers to the parliament and do not interfere with the internal affairs of each city. However, there are rumours that the Elders have absolute power over matters concerning the entirety of Abyss.

Public Agenda

Central maintains an order that claims to benefit all, to explore and develop the abyss for the sake of everyone. By employing adventurers, they promote the pursue of exploration of the abyss in finding ancient technologies and/or resources that benefit people of Abyss.


The founding fathers of Abyss once lived in massive subterranean buildings, also referred to as vaults, that were self sustaining. No one remembers who built the vaults or how they came to be. But what the founding fathers remembered was that the massive doors of the vaults mysteriously opened one day when the residents were asleep.   It is said that when the founding fathers of Abyss emerged from their underground dwellings below the current major cities, they found all major infrastructure to have already been in place, entire ghost cities sitting for time immemorial. These cities were built with materials and technologies lost to time. The initial years prior to The Founding were rife with confusion and fear. However, from the depths of the abyss came a tide of creatures that threatened this new life. The founding fathers reached out to the other cities and organised resistance against these foul beasts and creatures. The fight lasted a few brutal months, claiming the lives of nearly a third of all residents. Eventually the tide subsided, and the survivors eventually came to found the country of Abyss and Central . It was a joyous day for all.


  • Level 0 ( The Surface)
    Level 0 is the surface level of the abyss. It is also where the population of the nation of Abyss resides.
Founding Date
The Founding year

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