Semuanya is the lizardfolk deity of survival and propagation.


Semuanya appears as an outsized lizard man, strong and agile in both body and mind. He wears only a loincloth and sometimes armor. He wields a club studded with razor-sharp fragments of shells. He never speaks except when necessary.

Personality and Dogma

Semuanya focuses entirely on matters of survival and propagation, and nothing else. He teaches his followers that any deed done in pursuit of these ends is good, and that any other action that is not was irrelevant and not even worth the effort. He encourages them to reproduce, to live long lives, and to guarantee the safety of themselves and of their race. Neither good nor evil, nor lawful nor chaotic, Semuanya is utterly amoral, uncaring, and unfeeling.
He doesn't even care much for the struggles of his own lizardfolk worshipers, let alone the issues of other beings, dismissing most of these as irrelevant to his greater concerns. He even doesn't send omens to his shamans. He only intervenes or sends an avatar when a major crisis threatens lizardfolk communities on a massive scale, such as in the event of climate change or a major invasion of hostile forces. Very rarely will he make an appearance in anything less.


An avatar of Semuanya has a thick scaly hide that shrugs off bludgeoning weapons, and is utterly impervious if the weapon isn't magical. Bolt-like spells also have a tendency to bounce off his body, and he is highly resistant to illusion magic. He can regenerate wounds taken or body parts lost.


Semuanya's uncaring nature means that he is left alone by almost all other deities and thus has no allies and has only one enemy of note. This enemy is the tanar'ri lord Sess'innek, who seeks the dominion and corruption of lizardfolk, but no record exists of the two coming into conflict in any way, despite the archfiend's continual and increasing intrusion into Semuanya's business. However, Semuanya might eventually feel compelled to act against the demon.


Semuanya is worshiped by the vast majority of lizardfolk in Abios, with particular centers of his faith in the southern part of the Kingdom of Xeshana.
Semuanya's priests are all tribal shamans who have little care for any concerns outside of their tribe and have no organized religion. In their tribes, they serve as carers, healers, and medicine-men, and even as tribal leaders. Like their god, they are typically untalkative. They call for their kin to avoid contact with all other races, and even to limit contact with other lizardfolk tribes, except for the purposes of breeding outside tribe. Shamans are urged to breed every season; if ever they become infertile, they declin over a period of months and most eventually perform ritual suicide.
The lizardfolk of southern Xeshana brew a potent paralytic poison they said was sacred to Semuanya and not to be shared with outsiders.
Semuanya 01
Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Presented Sex
Lizard egg
Survival, propagation
Animal, Fate, Healing, Plant, Protection, Renewal, Scalykind
The Outlands - Plane of Concordant Opposition
Favored Weapon